Wed July 19 – “Ask Joey” Questions from May – answered!

UPDATED: JULY 19th, 2012

Here are Joey’s answers to the FIRST HALF of questions you’ve have asked, that were in the month of May. Within a few days, we’ll post the second half which takes us all up to July 4th.  Thanks for your never-ending support for Joey and the “original” Badfinger legacy. ~PD/admin


#1. Tom Varcasio, Briarcliff Manor, NY – None of the Beatles could read music they just played by ear.  Was the same true for Badfinger? And, I haven’t heard you play “Love is Gonna Come at Last” at your shows.  Any reason?

Joey: Hi Tom, we all played by ear. Pete had some musical training when he was young but never used it with the band. “Love is gonna come at last” never really worked as a live song…at least not as well as other tunes we had. Cheers

#2. Ronald K Munson, Ottawa Canada – Hi Joe.  I’ve been a fan since the 70’s and know the Badfinger story. Since Apple and Warner have re-released all your Badfinger album, did you finally got the royalty checks you deserve to live comfortably?  It’s unfortunate that Pete and Tom didn’t hold on to see what the future held for them.  Rock On!

Joey: Hi Ron. We have been getting the royalties since we settled everything in 1985, but Warner Brothers pretty much killed their Badfinger records back in the day, so sales on those have never been very good.  The Apple re-releases have done OK for us.  We do get what comes in, but I wouldn’t say it enables us to live comfortably.  We all work for a living, too!  Cheers…

#3. John Fiocci, Pilesgrove NJ – Dear Joey… I have a few questions, but I will ask the most important one first.  I have been on a mission to obtain a CD copy of “Say No More”.  I truly don’t prefer downloads or CDR’s.  I haven’t had the best of luck in locating the original cd release of “Say No More”.  Do you have any advice for me?

Also…back in 81′ I was touring with an Elvis impersonator and opening for Ian Hunter, Dixie Dregs, Doc Severson Band and many others. We played the New England states, up-state N.Y., AND OTHER PLACES. Several times musicians would pull me off to the side and point in the direction of Tom Evans. In the theatre…they would say…”Look John”…it’s Tom Evans from Badfinger! I was just a kid and had been listening to Badfinger since age 13 and I was 23 at the time. It did look like him, but could it have actually been him? The bodyguards on our staff would not allow us to mingle,  so I never had the chance to say anything to him. The act was called “The Big El Show” and the original manager was being sued by the Elvis estate. I joined in 81′ and opened for celebrity acts that were just beginning to fall by the  wayside. These particular acts could no longer play…for  example…the “Spectrum” in Philadelphia.

In 1983…I was playing a small club called the “Liberty Bell” when 2 guitarists stopped me and saiD..”Look who is sitting at the bar”…Joey Molland and Tom Evans” Acts like FOGHAT and Rick Derringer had been playing there as well. I was too shy to approach either one of you. Now I wonder if they were making up a story?

In 84′, I played a showcase for Apollo Artists Attractions at the N.J. shore area. In the dressing room were 2 musicians who claimed they had just gotten off the road with Badfinger. They sat telling us the history of the band. We sat holding our instruments in amazement…for we
were all huge Badfinger fans. One fellow was a keyboardist.  I still wonder how true any of this could be?

Joey:  Hi John.  It’s hard to tell you if it was Tom or not, as he and I had a falling out around 1981 and didn’t talk to each other for a couple of years. I believe he was doing some shows but I don’t know where or who was in the band.  We were back in touch around 1983, mainly trying to sort out the royalty problems, and of course Tom passed away later that year before we could sort it all out.  I don’t think Say No More was ever re-released so don’t know if you can get a real copy.  I made my own CD’s off the vinyl – and they don’t sound too bad!

Also, John – Thanks for your kind words (about my Badfinger songs).  The songs come and I finish them as well as I am able. The musicians with me are always generous with their ideas and between us we manage to get the idea down.  It has always worked that way and I hope it continues to do so.  I glad you have enjoyed some of them.  New collection coming soon – September 2012 I think.  Hope you like it.  Cheers.

#4. Steve Sage, Sahuarita, AZ – Hello Joey: I’m a Badfinger fan from the beginning (or maybe before the beginning…I somehow discovered The Iveys before Badfinger) and have talked to you a couple of times through the years.  The last time I saw Badfinger were those four shows over two nights at the Roxy in LA. Great shows.  I couldn’t figure why that version of the band didn’t make it too.

I ran into a track, “Cisco Kid”, a couple of years ago that your name is associated with. Could you let me know what the story behind that is? Did you write it, play on it (that’s a great guitar lead in there), etc.?  I’ve been asked to write a review of your internet solo career which I think is really good. You’ve done some great work with those and it’s too bad those tracks haven’t had a proper release.  I’m going to write up the tracks I especially  like and want to include the Cisco Kid, if in fact that’s yours.  Thanks!

Joey:  Hi Steve.  I remember the Roxy shows, great fun!  The band was really good to play with – Pete Clarke, Tony Kaye, Tommy and myself. I wish we had a recording of the shows. I’ve got some rehearsal tapes, they sound great.  “Cisco Kid” sounds familiar and I have a feeling that’s a slang name for something else. If you have a copy, I could probably figure what it was really called.  If you send it to us here, and it is us playing we’ll put it up on the site so people can hear it. Cheers and good luck with the Internet Bio and thanks for your compliments. 

(Steve – if you do have this song, email me at so we can figure things out.  Thanks ~PD/admin)

#5. John Betz, Greenville IN – Joey, what song on Ass got the most airplay?  I remember in Chicago hearing “Constitution” which rocked. Have everything you guys put out & lived in Caledonia, MN for few years, but didn’t get to see any of your current gigs.  Please keep the music alive!!

Joey:  Cheers John. I think “Apple Of My Eye” was the single so that probably got the radio play. Yeah, “Constitution” was a great live song and did…as you say…rock out!  All The Best.

#6. Ross Gietzel, Racine WI – Joey, back in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s we spoke a few times about doing a television movie about Badfinger and my agent at the time even got a producer in hollywood interested but as so often happens it never made it to television. Any new interest in a Badfinger movie?

Joey: Hi Ross. We get asked about this a lot and think if there’s ever a resurgence of the bands popularity then maybe someone will actually do it. I think people are afraid the story will be bent to fit some individual’s point and so no one will really believe it. The split between the Ham estate and others doesn’t help, either.  All the best.

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