Tues May 1st – “Ask Joey” ANSWERS! Questions from Jan-Feb-Mar

UPDATED:  MAY 1, 2012

Joey apologizes for the delay with these answers to questions asked throughout the first
quarter of the year (Jan/Feb/Mar). Between his shows, recording & mixing his new solo CD
“Return To Memphis”, production work with other artists…and the same type of family
commitments that we all have in our lives… he’s been keeping quite busy.  This month,
Joey answers questions from fans as far away as Japan and Australia…and an awesome
fan-written letter, regarding Badfinger and their elusive Grammy trophy.  Great questions,
one and all!  ~PD/admin

#1.  David Purcell, Kentucky – Did Badfinger ever record a song called “Strike While the
Fire is Hot”?  I heard it on a Badfinger bootleg a long time ago and it hasn’t been
released officially. I read somewhere that it’s a fake, but the vocal did sound exactly
like Pete Ham.

Hi David.  When Mike and I reformed Badfinger in 1986/7, we went in the studios and cut
some demos.  One of them was a song written by our then-keyboard player, Jeff Ross called
“Strike While The Fire Is Hot”.  Jeff sang it himself.  Cheers.

#2.  Steve Navans, St. Claire Shores, Mich – Joey, I was lucky to catch you guys back in
1972, in Detroit for you and Tommy’s “Airwaves” concert.  GREAT TIMES. My question is:
SONY released the master disc of ‘Straight Up’ and ‘No Dice’ DCC.
Any plans for ‘Magic Christian Music’ or ‘Ass’ being released on DCC Disc in the future?
Thanks again.
Hi Steve – I don’t real know much about these special releases other than it seems someone
just gets an idea to do it and just goes ahead and puts them out.  All The Best.

#3.  Greg Boyde, Adelaide, Australia – Can you give some background to a rare, kick-ass
Badfinger song that you sing with the lyrics – “I was only dreaming what’s it for…”.
It’s a rockin’ tune with some fantastic harmonica (is that Pete?) jamming at the end?
Looking forward to some new music very soon.  Cheers!
Hi Greg.  “Dreamin” was just one of those ideas we kicked around a bit, but never was put
on any of the records. We never really had much choice about those things.  Pete played
harmonica – like everything else he did – really well.  Still miss him…

#4.  Kohei Komiya, Chiyodaku, Japan –  I watched Joey’s 1999 Japan tour. Great show! Joey
signed for me. www.bunburytails.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-13.html  Thank you very much.
Please come to Japan again! Thanks for your kind words.  Perhaps if my new CD is liked in
Japan, I will be able to return to one of my favorite places!  Best to you, Joey.

#5. Karyn Jansen, Burleson, TX – I want to know if Joey remembers playing a little
hole-in-the-wall club in Lewisville, Texas way back in ‘94.  The guy whose club he played at,
was named Vince and his band was “Easy Money”?
Hi Karyn.  I’m not sure, those dates are all rolled up in a big foggy haze until I see a
photo or something that reminds me specifically.  Was it a blues joint, and were both in
Dallas, by chance?  For some reason that one jumped into mind. All the best, Joey

#6. Dean Kurtz, Yorba Linda CA – I saw you in June of 1979 for the Airwaves tour at the Roxy
in Hollywood.  I know Tom Evans was in the band, but who else was on that tour?  Was it
Tony Banks or Duane Hitchings on keys?
Hi Dean – Tony Kaye played keys in that line up along with Pete Clarke on Drums.  I think
it was a four piece at the time.  Fun line up though, Tony would rock that piano every night. 
Cheers, Joey

#7.  From “Your Friend Standring”, Wrong-side-of-the-hills, Homeland –  My question Joey
darling is – how do you write such powerful and effective songs?  We all know you are a
guitarist, but do you transfer that skill to lyrics or transfer strings to words?  Just where
do you start?  Knowing that you’ve done it all before ensures we are all waiting for it to
happen time and time again. We love you so very much.  Never stop doing what you love.
My Goodness, what a lovely letter!  The songs come from I don’t know where.  I kind of put
them together and try and figure what they say.  I try and make them worth it, they’re not
about me but about us and I’m happy when they make sense to you. 
I love the idea of us being on the same page.  All the Best, Joey

#8.  Debbie Stifter, Eagan MN – Was great hearing/seeing you at Famous Dave’s in Uptown
(recently).  Hope you are feeling better!  To the point – I have an old poem written to me
in the 70’s by my first “love”.   If you ever wanted me to send it, I would love to see if
you could make music out of it.  Maybe you can see something in it?  Anyway, you are a sweet
man, so patient with all of us “girls” that come around for pics!  Hope to see you in the
Twin Cities again!  Keep playing, keep the great smile on your face and keep enjoying.
Hi Debbie.  Thanks, I’m glad you and your friends enjoyed the show.  I did get better a few
hours later and all was well.  I f you bring the poem next time, I’ll have a look and if it
sparks something…who knows?! Thanks again, Joey

#9.  Mike Fuller, Henderson Nevada – Did a guitarist named Pat Hinsel ever play in the
Badfinger band?  I suspect that he is telling me a “tall tale”.  LOL
Hi.  I don’t recall the name, but Tommy and Mike both had bands that I wasn’t in, so maybe?? 
Cheers, Joey
#10.  Dave Douglass, Williamsport, PA – When is Apple going to release the two Warner
Brothers albums?
Hi Dave.  Apple is not involved in the Warner records, so they have nothing to do with those
releases.  Cheers, Joey
#11.  Dave Amara, Michigan – Joey, the demos I have heard of your new record are really really
good.  I can’t wait to hear the finished product.  And, when is the “Timeless – Best Of” coming
out?  Is there anywhere to see what the artwork for it will be?
Glad you like ’em, They’ll be out soon…Aug/Sept this year.  The ‘Timeless’ collection is delayed
and I’m not sure when it will be out.  As soon as we know we’ll post it here on the site and on
Facebook.  No idea about the artwork.  Cheers, Joey
#12.  Lisa Bilgrien (city unknown) – Hi, Joey.  I once read that you and Kathy were coming out
with your own book about your time in Badfinger, but have not been successful in finding
anything more.  Is it on the backburner?  I think you got a raw and very negative deal in
you-know-who’s book and would like to hear YOUR side of things!
Hi Lisa.  There is a book out called Badfinger and Beyond.  It’s by Michael Cimino and it
is a collaboration between he & I, and released in the form of an interview.  I think it’s
a pretty straight forward look at what went on.  It’s available on Amazon or you can order a
copy on this site – www.badfingersite.com/badfinger-store/   Hope you like it.  Cheers, Joey
#13.  Tony Pullins (city unknown) – Joey, below is a letter to the editor I sent to “Goldmine”
magazine last year that I’d like to share: Over the years, I have read a smorgasbord of fan
polls concerning bands slighted by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  It seems that every band
that ever existed has been mentioned on some list or another, save for one.  In other words,
this band is so overlooked; they don’t even make the list of overlooked bands.  Not only have
they been ignored for HOF induction, but have even lost accolades they were supposed to have
been presented.  Please allow me to tell the tragic story of – Badfinger!

Their many classic hits are still a staple of pop radio today.  The Fab Four trusted them to
be the house band for their Apple record label.  In recent years, Def Leppard scored a hit
with a cover of “No Matter What”.  Despite these notable accomplishments, there is a much
more significant reason Badfinger deserves recognition. 2011 marks the 40th anniversary
of the concerts for Bangladesh, the project spearheaded by ex-Beatle George Harrison that
raised $15 million for UNICEF’s relief fund, and become the prototype for all musical
fundraisers to follow. Badfinger performed at both shows alongside such greats as Hall of
Famers Eric Clapton and Bob Dylan. All artists earned a Grammy Award for their participation
in this event. However, during the Fest for Beatles fans this year in Chicago, former Badfinger
guitarist Joey Molland confided to the audience that the band was never actually presented
their Grammy due to some administrative snafu.

This unintentional insult is just another face slap in Badfinger’s long streak of bad luck.
Royalty lawsuits, financial straits, albums yanked from distribution, and untimely band member
deaths have plagued the seemingly cursed group over the years.  And the irony that they provided
Harry Nilsson with a Grammy for his cover of their composition, “Without You” while their award
was held in bureaucratic limbo certainly didn’t elude them.
The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences now refuses to correct their oversight
because too much time has passed since the Concert for Bangladesh.  But is the historic benefit
truly a relic of the past?  To this day, royalties from the charitable concert continues to
enrich humanity through the George Harrison Fund for UNICEF.  To commemorate this milestone
anniversary of a truly worthy humanitarian project, the academy at the very least could bestow
the ill-fated group their rightfully earned award.
Give Badfinger their Grammy!
Hi Tony. Well, first off thanks for caring about the Grammy, but it all worked out – thanks
to a guy named Jose Nieves. Jose was the man who pursued this and was finally able to get
NARAS to present to the members of Badfinger, a Grammy certificate for ‘Concert For Bangla
Desh’.  It was great to hear Ringo announce us as winners, and all – but we never did get the
trophy.  It’s too late now so God Bless Jose!  Cheers, Joey

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