Thu Feb 2 – “Ask Joey” Questions from Nov/Dec – Answered!

UPDATED:  FEBRUARY 2nd (by Paul ‘The Admin’)

Joey has been busier than ever the last two months, and has been on the road for the most part.  So, he apologizes for the delay in getting these questions answered.  But, here they are now!

The charity event at the Chicago House of Blues (with Badfinger opening for Cheap Trick at the Sax Hotel next door) went fantastic, and helped raise over $150,000!  Soon, there will be an HD webcast of the show on line, via the production company that put the show together.  Soon after, Joey & Phil Solem (from The Rembrandts) enjoyed several shows in the Midwest with their acoustic power-pop duo – “The Drift Benders”.

But what really kept him busy was six weeks of work at Royal Studios in Memphis, with Blue Boy Records’ producer, Carl “Blue” Wise.  Carl recruited some ofMemphis’ best session cats to lay down some tracks to 12 of Joey’s new compositions.  There are some ‘finishing touches’ left to perform, and the CD/album will be released sometime in the summer.

Thank you for visiting and the “Ask Joey” feature.  We put it there for you…the fans!

1. Bryan,San DiegoCA – Hey Joey. A fan from way back. Grew up inBaltimore and used to see you at Club 66. Live in San Diego now but would travel back to see you there…any plans? Thanks for all the years of great music and it would be great to get some of your earlier solo stuff on CD, right now I only have the vinyls!

Hi Bryan. Thanks man.  The CD’s are all available on Amazon and i-Tunes.  I play all over the place so may be out your way soon. All the best…

2.  Nicole (city unknown) – Hello Joey, I saw some pictures of you and the other three fingers on Mama Cass’ show in the ’70s. Did you perform on her show, or were you interviewed?  Oh, and a friend of mine loves The Hollies and Badfinger, and she would like to know if you guys were influenced by them in anyway, or even met them?  Thanks, and have a good day.

Hi Nicole.  We filmed a video in the UK and sent it over for them to use.  I’m good friends with Terry Sylvester of the Hollies.  We grew up together in Liverpool, so he and I had almost the same influences. Thanks for getting in touch. Best to you…

3.  Carlos Augustin, MinneapolisMN – Hi Joey, did you write or do you know who wrote the song ‘Love Me Forever’ (or something similar to that name)?  You played it with the Pipe inMinneapolis a few years ago.  Does the Pipe have any gigs slated soon?  Thanks.

Cheers Carlos.  The song is called “Forever” and was recorded by The Mojos of Liverpool fame.  They didn’t do the original but I can’t remember who did.  No Pipe gigs are planned for now.

4.  Mike Long (city unknown) – Joey, do you use the chorus pedal to simulate the Leslie while gigging?  I used a rotary simulator for a while.  I forgot it at a gig and got pretty close with my chorus pedal.  Been a fan since ‘70.

Yes, Mike – I do use a chorus on the Badfinger shows.  Cheers

5.  Rick Jackson,Abington,MA- Hey Joey, I saw you live with Mike and two other guys at Meagans Place in Scituate,Massachusetts in 1989.  A friend of mine and I sat out back with you talking about Badfinger and the Beatles…had some drinks, got yours and Mike’s autographs, (which I treasure!).  Will you be coming to theWilburTheatrein Boston Mass at all?  Also, how come you don’t record an album with Eric Carmen or Paul McCartney or Roger McGuinn?  I love the songs “Do You Mind” and “Love is Gonna Come At Last”.  God Bless & Peace!

One of our favorite things was to sit out back after the gig and have a beer with the guys/girls.  No harm done.  I thank you all for many lovely evenings spent shootin’ it…

6.  Dave Freis,OrlandoFL – Joey, thanks for all the great music. You give a great interview also. I enjoy listening to past interviews you have done such as with Rich on the Kweeback Magazine [sic], the Badfinger Documentary, etc. You seem like a very honorable and good guy that I would like to meet one day, hopefully you make it down to Orlando,FL  eventually so I can meet you and hear you play live.  Anyway, on to the question. Of ALL of your shows, can you say which were the ones were the band was firing on all cylinders and just “on fire”? Having been in an original band myself there are shows where everything is just clicking.  Also, another one if you don’t mind. What question would you like to ask of Pete Ham if you were to see him again?  Tommy?  Mike?  Thanks for all the inspiration and music Joey.

Hi Dave.  Thanks for your kind words, doing the hits and stuff.  The band was always well rehearsed and pretty tight.  We started to experiment with the live show on the first tour of America…almost immediately we started to jam on the different styles of music we played.  Naturally we had our good nights and our bad nights, but slowly we found our way.  I was surprised at the BBC tapes…some really fond memories there.   I’d ask them all, do they miss it?  Cheers.

7.  Mitchell Abrams, GlensidePA – Hi Joey!  What was it like working with George Harrison on Straight Up, and what were his contributions to the album? Just saw his HBO documentary, and chuckled when they showed the musicians for the album, All Things Must Pass, as he had you guys listed as “Badfingers” on rhythm guitars and percussion.

Hi Mitchell.  George was easy to work with although he was in charge.  He worked closely with us on our songs and played guitar with us, too.  We worked out arrangements together and it was very comfortable.  The credit was good enough, a lot of people didn’t get it anyway!  Cheers.

8.  Dave Orton, San Juan PR – Hi Joey, it’s an honor to get the chance to communicate with you!  My question is about my favorite song on the Natural Gas album, “Dark Cloud.”  I love the guitar riff on the song and I truly think it’s a rock and roll classic.  Can you shed some light on what the lyrics to the song refer to?  I always thought you were referring to the dark days toward the end of your time with Badfinger.  Is “Dyin’ ain’t no dream” a reference to Pete Ham?

Hi Dave. No, Dark Cloud was about experiences, not a particular one.  The words come…the riff first, then that sparks something and the next thing you know, “dying ain’t no dream!”  Cheers.

9.  Emil Brandou, Havre de Grace MD – Dear Joey, I’ve noticed that the songs “Constitution” and “I’d Die Babe” (which are two of my favorite Badfinger songs) sound quite similar in general sound and structure.  Were they composed around the same time?  Also, on “Constitution”, where did the inspiration for that tri-tone intro come from?  Thanks in advance.

Hi Emil.  Are you sure about those titles?  I wrote “I’d Die Babe” while we were recording Straight Up.  George helped me finish it. “Constitution” came a few months later – perhaps even 6 months or so.  The musical ideas came while we worked on the arrangements, and came out of our heads.  ‘Tarra’

10.  Tommy Langford, BettendorfIA – Hello Joey.  Apple released two “Best of Badfinger” albums…one “Best Of” and then “The Very Best of” about 5 or 6 years apart.  This clearly shows that Badfinger was and is the greatest band Apple ever recorded, as I have not seen any other artist with a NEW album released after the legal what ever was cleared up.  Anyway, did you have any input on these records?   Thank You for still going out and playing these songs,  There are a lot of new Badfinger fans growing everyday.  I play your records at work and the college students always ask “Who is this…we love it!”

Hey Tommy.  Wow man, I’ll get a big head.  Apple is releasing another one this year…25 tracks, on vinyl!  It’s called “Timeless”.  No, I wasn’t involved in either of those ‘Best Of’ releases, but everything since to some extent.

11.  Thomas Bates, OrlandoFL – Hey Joey! I am a big fan of Badfinger, and I’m not the only one here inOrlando, I know!  Any chance of seeing you down this way anytime?  Thank you for all the great music and “Happy Holidays”to you! (And you, too, Webmaster Paul!)

Hi Thomas.  I’m doing a new solo CD right now and hope I can come down your way,  and play some new stuff for you.  All the best and Thanks!

12.  Mick Hannigan, Pittsburgh PA – Just wanna say, you have been a HUGE influence on me…not only the Badfinger songs, but “Dark Cloud” as well.  I always go back to it. Thank you, Joey.

Hi Mike.  Wow, you’re the second person this month to mention Dark Cloud.  Freaky that…thank you!

13.  Drew Schulz, Newman GA- Hey, what is your favorite Badfinger song?  I like: “Blind Owl”, “I Can Love You”, “In The Meantime/Some Other Time”, “Baby Blue” and “Midnight Caller”.  I’ve just begun to scratch the surface!  I also enjoy the songs on the album Airwaves.

I love and enjoyed most of the songs we did.  It was a joy working on them, so it’s hard to choose just one.  There’s a thread that runs through them all, isn’t there? All of us, on all of the songs. 

14.  Darren Dill, San Dimas CA – Hi Joey,  Where would I send any of my Badfinger items to, so that I could have you autograph them?  How much $ would you need for your time?  Thanks for everything – all the great music & memories!

Hi, Darren.  I would prefer to sign autographs in person, I get just about everywhere, and it kinda works that way, if you really want an autograph please send your request on the “Ask Joey” part of the website, include your e-mail address on it, and Paul my webmaster will help coordinate it.  Thanks, and see you down the road…

15.  Robert Rushing, Florence SC – First of all, let me say how much I love your work.  Badfinger was among a handful of elite rock and roll bands as musicians, song writers, and performers.  My question is:  Do you feel that the later Apple albums were properly supported by the label?  I have always thought that Ass in particular was underappreciated.

Hi Robert.  I thought Apple did the best they could with what we gave them.  “Ass” was  really a compilation, kind of a bastard ‘son of Straight Up”….recorded all over the place, at different times…and put together by Apple when we were long gone.  “Apple Of My Eye” is a classic.  “Blind Owl” and “When I Say”, too.  A lot of people tell me it’s their favorite.

16.  Marybeth Mizell, Richmond VA – When are you coming back to Richmond? Henry is still kicking himself for not answering the phone when you called him after your show 2 years ago!  His 60th birthday is coming up in just over a year and would love to bring him to see you for his present.

Hi MaryBeth.  I will be touring as much as possible over the next few years and that’s all I can tell you.  My new CD is coming out this year, and I am hoping to play a lot of that music for you guys.  Hope you’ll like it.  Happy B’day to your kids, LOL HAHA…

17.  Henry Gerber, Richmond VA – Hi Joey.  My name is Henry and a few years back I saw you here inRichmond.  When you played for a PBS show along with Herman’s Hermits and other acts.  I was wondering if that will ever be released?  I hope that me calling out to you after your set didn’t cause a problem!   You were by far the best act of that night!  I was told you had a pretty good time with my guitar player Bill after the show.   Thanks for the message you left on my phone.  Come on back to Richmond any time you can and if you ever need a bass player!

Cheers. Man….

18.  Wendy Cicio, Calera AL –  It would please me so much to be able to tell you how much I have appreciated Badfinger’s music throughout my 46 years of life. “Day After Day” was my first favorite song as a child, and i still love it just as much today!  The timeless tunes of Badfinger are forever great and special songs from the great and especially talented group.  (sic) I regret that I could never see (the original lineup of) Badfinger live.

Well, God Bless you Wendy, for your kindness.  It was a great time for us and people like you made it all possible.

19.  Kevin Wayne, Portland OR – I remember there was a Christmas song Joey posted on his website. Is it still available? I lost that on my old hard drive.

Hi Kevin.  It’s available on a charity record, “Garage Band Christmas”.

20.  Max Levenson, Atlanta GA – Hi Joey.  I was recently given as a gift Jesse Ed Davis’s pendant from the Concert forBangladesh. Based on the little information I have, I gather that these were presented to each of the musicians who played that night. Unfortunately, because Jesse Ed Davis passed over 20 years ago, I know little about the background of the piece, the story behind it’s presentation, etc. I am assuming that you, too, received one of these pendants, and if you could shed any light on the history of these, I would really appreciate it. Thanks for your time.

Hi Max.  I’m afraid I can’t help you with this.  I’ve never heard of a Bangla Desh pendant.  We never got one.  But I love Jesse’s playing, particularly on that Taj Mahal album.  “Ooooh-wheee” as Carl would say.

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