Sun March 18 – “Ask Joey” Nov/Dec Answers, part 2

UPDATED:  MARCH 18th 2012
Like I stated last week, between Joey’s crazy travel schedule and my own computer problems, 
the “Ask Joey” questions got backlogged. The first half of the questions from Nov/Dec were 
posted last week (3/11), and now here is the SECOND half. In April, we will completely catch 
up by posting the Jan/Feb/March questions. Thanks again for your patience! ~ PD/admin
#1.  Chris Sengos, Massillon OH - Joey, you certainly don't need any help making great rock
and roll, but who would you most like to collaborate with in the future, either duo or full

Lately, I've been taken with the idea of cities and the styles of music/ musicians they 
produce, so I fancy going to different cities and working with the pros who grew up and live 
there.  My new set of songs were recorded in Memphis with all Memphis players at the world 
famous Royal Studios.  Really exciting for me.  Like being reborn!  Cheers

#2.  Ron Adams, Ligonier PA -  Are you still doing the Harrison tribute along with all the
Badfinger tunes?  Thanks, promoter and fan, Ron.
Hi Ron.  We've never done the George songs in a Badfinger show. In Minneapolis we've done 
his songs on his Birthday with Shakespeare's Pipe…so not really I guess. Cheers

#3.  James Upham, Oshkosh WI - Has there been anything in the works with Apple Corp to put
Badfinger album covers on t-shirts?

I've got a license to do that.  Do you think people would still buy those kind of shirts?  
All the best.

#4.  Jerry O, Merrillville IN - My 14 yr old has taken a huge interest in playing guitar.
Just thought you'd get a kick out of knowing that he has learned “Baby Blue” fairly well
and is now trying “No Matter What”.  I know he has heard those songs many times, but to
hear “Baby Blue” being practiced by him with no urging from me was pretty cool!  Your
music is alive and well.  Thanks.

Hi, Jerry.  That's great, I was about 11 when I started and remember being just knocked 
out playing the guitar. I envy your son's turn.   It completely changed my life because 
I loved to play.  Good luck...let us know what happens.

#5.  Kevin Kronberg, Lansdale PA - Do you have any other concert dates coming up this
year in the Philly area besides the one in Sellersville?  It would be really great if you
appeared with a local Beatles cover band that has a big following in the Tri-State area
(“Almost Fab”).  They really have a great sound.

Hi - I'm doing a show at Club 66, Edgewood, MD. on the 31st of March, that's all I have 
right now.  We list all the dates booked here on the  I like some of 
the Beatle bands, and they are fun to play with. We'll see…
#6.  Don Sonck, Carlsbad CA -  I love your tune "Icicles" off the Ass album. The sleeve
insert quotes you as stating that Joni Mitchell inspired that song for you.  Can you
elaborate?  Love your work with Badfinger - what a stunningly good band you guys were!

Hi Don.  My wife, Kathie turned me on to Joni and I was struck by her melodies, the 
freedom she had in her music as against our structured way.  She made me want to move out 
of the 12 bar, I tried but never really made it.  So "Icicles" with its minor bridge and 
falling melody came out of that. Thanks for your kind words.  All the Best.

#7. Alan Thomas, Liverpool, England - Hello Joey.  Do you remember my brother, George?
He let you borrow his guitar in Liverpool.  You were in my cousin's (Dougie Meakin) group
'The Masterminds' and your guitar broke so you borrowed George's guitar a few times!
Hope you can reply.

Hi, Alan.  I'm afraid I don't remember my guitar being broken.  It was stolen and I may 
have borrowed the guitar then ‘til I got a new one.  What kind of guitar was it?  My 
memory is terrible - always has been.  My family tells me I was in a car crash in my 
teens, but of course…I don't remember THAT either!  Cheers.

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