Questions & Answers With Joey Molland – MAY 15, 2011


Here are some more fan comments & questions for Joey:

1a.  No question- Just a big Thank You for all the great music!!!!  ~ Tracy Kelley, Harrisburg, PA

1b.  I just wanted to thank Pete, Tom Joey,Mike for all the great recordings I still listen to today.  ~ George Pfieffer, St. Louis, MO

Thanks, Tracy and George!

2.  Who is your favorite guitarist? ~ Michael Spano

I have several faves to listen to – BB King, old Eric, Freddie King, Joe Pass, Django, George Harrison, Chuck Berry, Steve Cropper, James Burton…the list goes on.

3.  Who really did the great guitar solo in Day After Day?  So far, I have heard it was George Harrison alone, and then Mike Gibbons told me it was a combination of Harrison and Molland…now what is the definitive answer? ~ Michael Meggison, Rochester NY

Here’s what happened – Pete and I were working on the slide solo together, Abbey Road, Studio 3.  George comes in and asks do we mind if he plays, so I gave him my strat and left he and Pete to it, a few hours later the job was done and very well, too.

4.  Do you see Badfinger being put into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame and if they are who do you think would be on stage to accept the award? ~ Anthony Ford, Minneapolis MN

I’d like to think that, if we were inducted, the wives and children would be there to collect the award, I don’t think anyone else should be allowed to share the moment.

5.  I would like to ask what was it like to tour with people like The Byrds, Gene Pitney, The Grass Roots, Tony Orlando and Dawn, Poco, Leon Russell, Paul Revere and The Raiders,  Al Kooper, Bachman Turner Overdrive, The Doors, The Faces and others? ~ Luke Fence, Brisbane, Australia

We didn’t tour with a lot of these artists but did do some shows with most all of them, I don’t remember doing a Paul Revere gig. Doing shows like that is always exciting, these people are real star performers so you get to see magic things and of course you get to know some of them, even party with them and in some cases form lasting friendships. We all travel and pass each other on the road, have fun when we get together, it’s still the same……..good question, spurred warm memories!

6.  Hello, I was wondering who played the opening chords to “My Sweet Lord”.  I read somewhere it was only Pete Ham, though I know you, Tom, and Pete all played acoustic on “All Things Must Pass”.  I also heard it was just George Harrison’s playing.  Could you clear this up, please?  Thank you!  Loving the website!

We all played on it.  I think it was the first song we did on the George sessions.  Also, didn’t George do a remix without the Phil Spector approach?  I don’t believe he used the Badfinger guitars on that version, not sure though…..

7.  Alright, Joey!  I LOVE Badfinger.  Like, a lot.  There are so many questions I want to ask, but only one sticks in my mind; what is your favorite memory with Badfinger? ~ Dylan Marais-Down, British Columbia

My favorite memories right now are when the band was rehearsing new songs at Clearwell Castle.  We were a young and smoking band, learning to jam, we were still crazy young in our heads, what a great time, thanks……

8.  When can we get a new CD of all your music since “This Way Up”?  From what I have heard, there is some killer music on your MySpace page.  Love to hear MORE of your unreleased stuff!  ~  Taylor Dickson, Gulfport, Miss.

I’ll beg Paul to start selling some of the demos – Hero and stuff like that, The Echo Boys and Shakespeare’s Pipe, etc.  What the heck, you asked for it – Thanks for giving us an excuse!

Cheers to all!  Joey

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