Questions & Answers with Joey Molland – July 12

Joey just returned from the great show in Saginaw, Michigan last weekend,
and he is gearing up for The Fest For Beatles Fans in Chicago on August 5-6-7. 
Tonight, he has some time to answer questions that have come in since the
last “Ask Joey” update:

1.  Joey – I think that the songs “I’ll Be The One” and “Loving You” are
two great songs that could have been hits for Badfinger.  I wonder why
these songs – which have great melodies, lead guitar solos and harmonies –
were nixed by Apple? Were both produced by Mal Evans? What was it like
working with Mal ?  ~ Neal Sears, Bettendorf IA
I think both of those songs were recorded as part of the so-called
unreleased Straight Up album, which was really produced by Tom and Pete. 
The whole project was turned down by Apple, we did use some of the tracks
later on…it was great working with Mal, he was a good man and had a lot
more going on than he was given credit for, like a lot of roadies…

2.  Hi, Joey.  I was wondering if you would comment on “Magazine Woman”
from your time with Gary Walker and the Rain. The song is so psychedelic.
I think it’s terrific.  I compare it to your future band mates The Iveys’
own attempt at psychedelia, “I’ve Been Waiting.”  To me, the Rain song is
more, well, “out there” and is far more memorable. IS there any chance that
Magazine Woman can make its way into your touring band’s repertoire?
Thanks and thank you for creating this website. ~ Scott Jackson, Gahanna, OH
Hi Scott, Magazine Woman was maybe the 3rd song I wrote, it was made up on
the way to the studio in one of those English cabs.  I remember leaning on
a old fiber drum case, writing the lyrics down. It was that era. We were making
it up as we went along, but you can still hear the old influences in there.
We could do it if the lyrics make any sense, We can probably sing a bit
better now, haha…you’re welcome.

3.  New CD…where will you record it?  Who will produce it?
~ Kevin Joseph, Los Angeles CA
I’m still trying to make my mind up, I’m going to do a gospel track down
in Memphis, and maybe a bluesy song I’ve got called “Still I Love You”, too. 
It’s a very exciting time for me and I mean to take every advantage of these
opportunities I am being afforded by the fates.  Mark Hudson is aboard to
produce and I mean to listen to his take.  I got a lot of tunes and the world
is full of songs.  Cheers

4.  Hello Joey.  Heard that Badfinger was in an old movie in the 70’s
“STILL THEY RIDE HORSES”.  (Not sure if I got the name of it quiet right.)
I have never heard anything about that before. Can you please tell me if
this is true and the name of the movie if you can remember. I know about
‘THE MAGIC CHRISTIAN” but I’m not sure about what I heard from someone.
>~ Bradley Jacobsen, Machesney Park IL
We never made it into a movie that I’m aware of…other than on the soundtrack.  
I’m always open to offers though, LOL

5.  Hello Joey, here is a message from France. First of all, thanks for your
great music. But I always wandered why after the death of Pete Ham you did
not played again with Bob Jackson and Mike Gibbins on the “Airways” record?
This would have been so great to see you back all together.
~ Benjamin Muller, Viroflay France
Thanks for the interesting question Benjamin.  A couple of things come to mind –
only a short while before joining Joe, Kenny and I in L.A., Tom had been
playing in a band with Bob that that hadn’t worked out for one reason or
another.  We were putting a new band together, not reforming Badfinger.  
When Bob first joined Badfinger though, we thought the band sounded good
and were forward to the tour. I think Bob would agree with that.

6.  Hey Joey.  What’s your favorite song you wrote for Badfinger and do you
still plan to move to Nashville? Thanks for all the great music!
~ (Name withheld), Fairview TN
I love the Badfinger versions of my songs.  Pete’s slide on Island…he could
really play the guitar!  Tommy’s bass and vocals, and Mike’s drums on
everything…they were all 3 great to play with.  We weren’t perfect, but
perfect’s not great. Cheers…

7.  Hello Joey.  Huge Badfinger fan, and a fan of your solo albums as well.
I love “This Way Up”, “The Pilgrim”, and I’ve always considered “After the
Pearl” to be a masterpiece. Any chance that “After the Pearl” will be released
on CD? Also, I’ve heard that Mark Hudson (a great producer) is producing your
new album. Any idea when we’ll be able to buy that one?
~ Dave Shahin, Rochester NY< I’m a fan, too!  Boy, huge compliments, thanks!  Mark is aboard to produce,
it should be available by November. We’re trying to get the license for After
The Pearl but up to now they have wanted too much money up front. 
We’ll see what happens…will let you know.

8.  Hi Joey, I know you are asked about the Beatles all the time, did you ever
get to meet any of the original rock and roll stars of the 50’s like Chuck Berry
or Little Richard?  ~  Ron Fowler, Burien WA
I’ve met Chuck Berry 3 times now – I’m such a fan it makes me nervous!  
I’ve met Ben E King, Bobby Day, Martha Reeves, The Drifters, The Coasters and
loads of others…they all make me nervous!

9.  Hi Joey!  As a big lover of the “Airwaves” album, I am confused as to the
stories of why Mike Gibbons was not part of it.  I understand he was part of
rehearsals, but that his playing was off.  However, wasn’t it around this
time he was drumming on the hit “It’s a Heartache”?  What’s the real story?
~ Sammy Oakley, Roanoke VA
Hi, Joe.  We (Tom and I) thought at the time that Mike’s playing was a bit rough.
He had done the Heartache record and played good on that, but he hadn’t been
playing a lot so he was a little out of shape.  Later, I got to thinking it was
really the drugs we were doing , Cocaine was the drug of choice at the time, that
made us not play together well and tight enough, like we had in the old days.
Good question, Cheers.

10.  Don’t mean to pry but who actually owns the Badfinger collection today?
~ “Bass Bill”, Lopez Island WA
The Badfinger Masters are owned by Apple and Warner Bros.  Cheers.

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