Questions & Answers w/Joey Molland – Aug 4th

This past Monday, (August 1st) was the 40th anniversary of the historic music event, that was the precursor to LIVE AID and future fundraising festivals like it – The Concert For Bangladesh.  And Joey spent the day reminiscing about that special day at Madison Square Garden with his Badfinger bandmates.
Today, he is gearing up for this coming weekend’s “Fest For Beatles Fans” in Chicago, where is one of the headlining guests, including Peter Asher (Peter & Gordon), Henry McCullough (Wings guitarist, “My Love”) and Mark Hudson. 
Although he has a lot on his plate this week, Joey found some time to answer questions that have been arrived since the last “Ask Joey” segment in early July.  Here they are:
1.  Did you ever get the copy of the 1974 Theil College Greenville PA show where everyone ran down to the floor and they turned the houselights on and threatened to shut the house down after Blind Owl and Peter tried to calm everyone with Name Of The Game?  And if you can recall, Pete killed a Hiwatt speaker?   Maurice Smith ~ Neal Sears, Bettendorf IA

I believe I did get it but I am given so much stuff like that it usually gets lost in the shuffle.  I can always use another copy.  If it went to one of the other Badfinger sites then I would never be sent a copy, as these other sites are not really “Badfinger” sites but are fan-run sites…and some of them are not friendly at all.  Cheers…
2.  Have you and Ringo ever spoken about touring with his All Starr Band? ~Charlie Samaha, St. Petersburg FL


3.  I’m a 16 year old fan of Badfinger, and I’ve listened to all of the albums. I love Badfinger and I have a big admiration for yours, Tom’s and Pete’s songwriting abilities.  I hope to be a great song writer one day.  But my question for you is, what is your favorite Badfinger LP?  And what was it like working with the other three? ~ Mike Townsend, Vancouver, British Columbia

My favorite album depends on when and where I am.  It was great working with them.  They were all very talented people with an intuitive bent and that’s what a good band is made of.  We didn’t know that at the time.  I wrote about it in a song once – “I love it up where you live, my brother lives up that way”.  Beautiful…

4.  Hi Joey, this is probably premature of to ask at this point, but I am currently at the beginning of my research in the hopes of bring the story, the real story of BADFINGER to the big screen. Whether it is told in a documentary style or a narrative story it is my hope that I can help to give the legacy of BADFINGER its proper place and honor in music history.  I know there have been many incarnations that have told the story of your band mates however I believe there may be more to be told.

I suppose what I’m requesting is to be able to open a door a little and hopefully in the near or not too distant future I may be able to speak with you about this project.  Until then take care and much success.  ~ Sal Gomez, Los Angeles, CA

Hey Sal, I suppose the answer to this is:  send us a synopsis, a brief outline of what you know already and how you see it, and how you see it as a movie.  There’s a biography book about me that just came out by Michael Cimino,  There are some good insights there.  Cheers.

5.  Hello Joey from Vancouver, Canada!  Just would like to know if there are any plans to release a comprehensive box set of the Iveys/Badfinger catalog…and any rare singles from your first group the Masterminds?  Been a huge fan of yours and Badfinger for many years.  You have made wonderful music that has enriched the lives of many and I would like to thank you personally! All the best Joey! ~ Phillipe Aerts, Vancouver BC

I’m afraid that the owners of the catalogue don’t see enough in such a project, either artistically or monetarily, although it is now under consideration.  And in some cases, quite unconsciously by God knows who!  It is however, the 40th anniversary of Bangla-Desh and great tragedy is unfolding in Africa, links are provided to help – just five bucks will work.  I admit it won’t fix it but it might feed a child who needs it.  Cheers

6.  Hello Joey.  How do we know that you are actually Joey Molland? I doubt that a musician of Joey’s status would be able to reply to these questions.  ~ James McKenzie, Brantford, Ontario

I have a mole on my left shoulder

7.  What were Ham and Evans last words to you, Joey?  ~ Gregg Maltese, Albany NY

An interesting question, but I really don’t remember verbatim.  I’d left the band, the talking was done and we were doing the last tour in England.  The last show came and went and 3 of my guitars were stolen that night, even though they were mixed in with Peter’s.  It was a sour time, the next thing I heard – Pete was gone. 
Tom and I had argued that night on the telephone, he told me what he would do that nigh.  I asked him why, he was very angry and frustrated and,wanted to fight.  I’ve thought about it many times, the conversation I mean…could I have said something about how sorry I was I’d left the band?  I don’t know.  God bless him, he thought he had a reason, and Tommy always followed his reason…

8.  Hi Joey.  I’m an author and contributor to the Boston Globe, AOL Music and elsewhere. Working on a story about the 40th anniversary of the Concert for Bangladesh and hoping you can speak with me. Please let me know — thanks!  ~ James Sullivan, Amesbury MA

(Admin note:  this inquiry was sent in a timely fashion…a few days before the August 1st anniversary…but it was opened & read the night before it.  My apologies to Mr. Sullivan.)

Yes ,there’s still plenty to do of the work started by the Bangla desh Concert, we meant it and it warms my heart to think it still inspires the same spirit in people

9.  Hey Joey, I’m a young fan who got hooked on your melodic work very quickly.   Firstly, what was it like being in a band with 3 brilliant guitarists, were there ever times Tom tried to edge in on guitar?  And also, are there any plans for an English tour? I’d love to see the songs played live. Keep up the good work!  ~ Martin-John McDonnell, Hastings, East Sussex UK

Thanks Martin, the bit about three guitarists is interesting – Tommy could really play guitar. He knew the next note and where it was, but he wanted to play bass. He loved it.  And when we learned songs he played bass.  He played a lot of guitar though, like acoustics on everything with Pete and I.  “When I Say” is Tommy, but that’s a long story.  I’mtTrying to setup a tour for next year, small theatres is the idea.  I’d love it, I know.  Hopefully the fans will, too.

10.  Hi Joey, You have posted all of the bands song Lyrics, now all you need to do is add all of the Guitar Tab’s.  That would be really cool.  Badfinger rocks forever!  ~ Jeff Lavene, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Very cool idea, I’ll work on that. Wow – something to do, yeahhh!

11.  Dear Joey, I am a huge fan of your work, and I’m only 14. I love Badfinger, and will be attending your concert with my uncle at the Bearsville Theatre, in August.  It would be an honor to meet you in person.  Is there anyway I can get backstage passes for your concert?  Your biggest fan – Shawn Monge, Rotterdam NY

There is a way.  Look forward to seeing you there. 

12.  Hiya Joey.  Is there any chance of you guys coming to Rotherham some time in the near future?  I love the track “NO MATTER WHAT” which I heard on youtube, I can still remember hearing it the first time round in 1971.  Cheers!  ~ Davie Kelly, Rotherham, South Yorkshire UK

Cheers.  I can’t say for sure if I’ll ever get to tour England.  I’d like to very much, but we never really got that big in England, so we’ll have to wait and see…

13.  Hi Joey – 2 questions on “Baby Blue”:
A. did you write the lead parts for the song?
B. how hard was it for you to adapt to playing it live, with just a 3 piece band, playing lead and rhythm guitar parts?  ~ Carlos Agustin, Circle Pines, MN

Pete had the signature licks.  I played the fills and the solo, it’s such a great song you can play the parts and the rhythm guitar disappears.

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