Questions & Answers With Joey Molland – APRIL 18, 2011

UPDATE: APRIL 18, 2011 – Today, Joey Molland answers the first batch of questions that have been asked on (since it’s launch three weeks ago), celebrating and remembering the Original Badfinger lineup.

1. Joey, it was a pleasure to meet you at BeatleFest yesterday through our mutual friend Ken Dashow, and I am honored to be the apparent first to click the “Like” button on your newly-launched “Original Badfinger” Facebook page today! I am a music and entertainment lawyer in New York. My question to you (actually, in multi-parts, sorry Joey) is about the evolving business model of popular music. Do you think that there will come another day in the future when bands and artists will again make the majority of their income on recorded music, as opposed to ticket sales and merchandise? Or, has that ship sailed for good? And if it has sailed for good, will that end the era of “studio” artists and bands like Gerry Rafferty and Steely Dan who would seldom if ever play live performances? Thank you ~ John J. Tormey III, Esq. – New York, NY

Hi, John – it’s a very interesting question. Nowadays artists own their own labels, and make distribution deals with independents, whether it’s for T shirts, watches, condoms, CDs, etc. I tend to think there are simply more outlets for the music nowadays. The artists you call “studio” never really wanted the road work anyway and will always find ways to record and release their stuff. Cheers.

Fan comment: Not a question right now but just a thank you…to Joey for all the great music…past, present and future. He was so gracious to us at the Fest for Beatles Fans, I am loving his Basil CD (beautiful dog, yes)…I love how he plays….:) ~ Elizabeth Dietz, Manchester NJ

2. “Did Badfinger sometimes swap instruments during the recording sessions? If yes, could you give some examples? Thanks and best wishes!” ~ George Ferreira

Badfinger did swap instruments in the studio. For instance, Tommy played rhythm guitar on “Believe Me”, I played bass, Pete played a lot of piano, and Mike played piano too.

3. Hi Joey, do you know when the next time and place Shakespeare’s Pipe will be playing? ~ Carlos Augustin, Circle Pines, MN

Sorry – no Shakespeare’s Pipe gigs booked at this time.

4. My understanding is you recorded some demos with the Fruit Eating Bears back in the day; including an early composition of yours. Do you have a copy of these recordings? ~ Barb Atkinson, Tulsa OK

No, I don’t have them but maybe people in L’pool have copies.

5. What is your favorite guitar? ~ Jeff Aaron, Charlotte NC

My Les Paul sunburst R9

6. Just one question..WHAT TOOK SO LONG?!?! I look forward to watching this site grow in time! ~ Kevin Elwardt, Plainfield, IL

As you know, Kevin, good things take time. Is it warm and fuzzy or what???

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