Questions and Answers with Joey Molland – June 6, 2011

Before Joey heads off for his show in the New York City area this weekend, he has some time to answer the latest questions from fans:
1.  What is your opinion of the Airwaves album? Love is gonna come at last and Look out California are two hot tracks! ~ Mitchell Abrams, Glenside PA

I like this record, we had a good time doing it, I thought Tommy’s songs were great, “Lost Inside Your Love” is a real favorite of mine.

2.  Greetings, Joey. My question is about how “Meanwhile Back at the Ranch/Should I Smoke” came to fruition. I understand part was Pete’s and part was yours. How exactly did you come to meld it all together? Who plays which parts? ~ Rena Dehler, St. Paul, MN

We came off the road and went right into the studio. Putting songs together like that was really just an extension of the jam, on ‘Meanwhile’ Pete played the solo on a Strat and paper wrapped around a comb, like a Kazoo!  I played rhythm on a ‘53 Tele, those high chops, then the lead lines on my Firebird, including the ending riff.

3.  I was lucky enough to attend the West Coast Premiere of the Concert for Bangla Desh, which is quite a story. The screen was certainly huge for those days. When Here Comes the Sun started, the whole screen was George and Pete. I heard a woman scream out. I can only surmise that Pete was sitting next to her and she didn’t know it. Maybe Joey can shed some light on this?? I can’t say for sure Badfinger was there. I know George was on the East coast, attending the premiere there, or that was my understanding. ~ Rob Marut, Oceanside CA
I couldn’t say for sure if Pete was there or not, I never attended that one.

4.  I’m a big fan of Badfinger and I was would like to know, who is the women on the cover of the “No Dice” LP? Are you playing Hippiefest this year? I was really hoping to see you in concert! ~ Hannah Roddy, Burke, VA

The woman was a model hired by Gene Mahon and Richard Dilello for the shoot, they designed the cover , we never actually met her, I’m not on Hippiefest this year but will be touring  and giggin’  pretty much all year, making a new record too

5.  Dear Joey – is there a chance to get an autograph from you ?  What must I do to get one?  Thanks for your answer. Kind regards.  Norbert Rögner, Marktplatz 11, 90616 Neuhof, Germany

My pleasure sir, should I make it out to you or simply sign it?

6.  Joey – I am in 9th grade. I play trombone and guitar. I am a huge fan of your music. Badfinger is an amazing band! I can’t wait to see you at KQRS Rockstock this weekend. I was wondering if you could please send me an autograph inscribed to Kevin.  I would really enjoy that, and it would really mean a lot to me. Classic Rock is by far my favorite genre of music, and Badfinger is one of my favorite classic bands! I love the sound of the music, and the general way it was written. Thank you very much for your time, I really appreciate it. Keep up the great work. I hope to hear from you soon! Have a great day! 🙂 ~ Kevin Trushenski

Thanks Kevin, Sure, I’ll send one out pretty quick here, I love the Trombone, too – but what an odd name for an instrument, where does it come from?

7.  Hey Joey, I am turning the big 50 this year in July. My favorite band is Badfinger…great rock albums! Guess where me and a hundred of my best friends will be having my party? Mt Clemens Riverfront, and what a great place for a concert! So anyhow, how about a shout out for Doug’s birthday?  Best gift in my life ever! Thanks ~ Doug Shields, Hazel Park MI

You’ll have to think of away to remind me Doug, I can’t remember yesterday…we’ll see, do you want it to be a surprise?  Happy Birthday Doug

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