OCT 31st – ‘Cheap Trick’ or Treat! October’s “ASK JOEY” Questions Answered

UPDATED:  OCTOBER 31st (by Paul ‘The Admin’)

Happy Halloween from “Team Badfinger”! Joey enjoyed a couple of “Rock-tober” shows recently in the upper Midwest.  On the 20th, he was reunited with the boys from CHEAP TRICK as part of an uber-cool fundraiser at The House of Blues in downtown Chicago, which raised over $300,000!  The following night, he and good pal PHIL SOLEM (The Rembrandts) performed their “DRIFT BENDERS” acoustic duo act in Green Bay, opening for a reunited OZARK MOUNTAIN DAREDEVILS!

And as you will see in this month’s “Ask Joey” feature, he is entering the recording studio this month.  Exciting news, for sure!

Here are the answers to all the “Ask Joey” questions that came in up through October 20th:

** Unfortunately, I had some issues with my computer last week and lost the actual questions….but at least I was able to retrieve the answers Joey provided, and the names of each person making the inquiry!  My sincere apologies to the senders, but I think I remembered the questions pretty closely.  Feel free to re-send the questions and I will re-post them here.  THANK YOU!

1.  Jim Rice, Seymour IN (an old friend reconnecting and asking what musicians –  especially keyboard/organ players – Joey would like to play or record with in the future.)

Hi Jim – How are you?  And your family, too?  I’d like to play with Rod Argent, Liberty DeVito, Booker T. and Dave Hull.  (I know that’s 2 organists, but what the heck.)   Cheers, man.  Give us a call my number hasn’t changed.

2.  Edward Schatz, Lakewood CA (asking for an autographed CD insert, and a thought on how the music industry treated the band in the 70’s)

Hi, Edward.  Of course, I’ll sign the insert – my pleasure.  Thanks to you for your kind words.  The music business is a world of sadness, but the music can still lift us all up.  Cheers.

3.  Greg Boyde, Adelaide, Australia (Asking if Joey had heard the new CD release from Todd Rundgren, called REPRODUCTION, and one of the cuts – a cover of Badfinger’s “Take It All”)

Hi Greg, I hadn’t heard about that, thanks for telling me.  I’m starting my new CD on the 9th of November, hoping for a spring release.  Cheers.

4.  Curtis Yarborough, San Diego CA (A question regarding how to correctly play the guitar part at the end of “Baby Blue”…a song his cover band plays back home.)

Hi,Curtis. Yeah, there is a drop to C#minor7th on the arpeggio, that’s where you hear the B note passing to A/E/B. But no one plays the B chord in there. My thanks to you and your mates…

5.  Tuesday Beltana, New Orleans, LA (Her parents actually named her “Tuesday” after Joey’s Straight Up love song for Kathie – “Sweet Tuesday Morning”, and asked on the back story of the tune.)

Dear Tuesday, I was just trying to illustrate another side of love, the turbulent side.  I’d never experienced it until I fell so completely in love with Kathie.  Thanks for the great question.

6.  Michael Meggison, Penfield, NY (Asking about the similarities in 80’s pop star JOE JACKSON and his version of “Breaking Us In Two” (from the Night and Day LP) and Badfinger’s “Day After Day”, and if he considered suing for copyright infringement.).

Hi, Michael.  I’ve never met Joe Jackson, but I did hear the similarity in the melody lines.  I never thought about suing him, don’t know about the others or their estates, but I don’t think so.  More trouble than it’s worth.  Cheers.

7.  Rich Kotwica, Glen Rock NJ (Asking what is Joey’s favorite guitar and effects pedals)

Overall, I’d have to say the Gibson Les Paul standard, ’59 model.  I use the best chorus I can get – my fave is the Arian stereo. They’re really cheap but sound incredible.  I’m not a big fan of boutique pedals.  I use a blues driver and a DM 3 delay by Boss.  Thanks, man…

8.  Tina Stein, Rochester, NY (Asking when he will be coming to NY again)

We’re playing on Long Island ,November 4th.  It’s posted here now on www.badfingersite.com as are all the shows.  I’m also doing a short set on some of the “Rock4Xmas” East Coast tour in early December…we’ll post those soon.  Hope to see you there.

9.  George Widmer (sorry….I cannot recall the 2 questions asked.)

Hi.  The answer to both your questions is ‘no’.  I have done the chords thing on different pages but just as answers to individual questions.  Cheers.

10.  Patrick Stibbs – Omaha, NE (Asking about the controversial statement/letter from original Iveys bassist Ron Griffiths, regarding unpaid royalties from 1970.)

Hi Patrick.  I have actually posted my answers to Ron’s so called open letter on several public forums and asked him some questions of my own but no response.  I also queried the royalty organizations.
Did you know, that you have to claim the royalties to receive them and I had never claimed any royalties for material Ron had written or played on. In the old days I was paid by Bill Collins, who collected all the royalties until Polley came along, as was Ron during his time in the band.
Did none of the Badfinger fans see my response and if you are indeed in touch with them, as you seem to be saying, would you pass this along?  I’m sure my response is out there somewhere for all to see, Thanks and Good Luck.

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