Nov 5th – “Ask Joey” questions from Aug/Sept – ANSWERED!

UPDATED:  November 5th, 2012
Here are Joey’s answers to the latest batch of questions from Badfinger fans all over the 
worlds These are from the months of August & September.  October questions will hopefully 
be published in early December. ~PD/admin
#1. William H, Woodland Hills, CA - Is it true that you are doing a new CD produced by
Mark Hudson? If so, when does it hit the streets?
Joey:  Hi William. I was going to do a CD with Mark producing, but life got in the way 
and that became a future project.  In the meantime, I went down to Memphis and recorded 
a set of 10 new songs with an all Memphis cast, and it’s to be released shortly.  Hope 
you like it. Cheers.
#2. Sharon Smart, Kernersville, NC - I would like to see recent photos of you. You were
always so hot in your videos. I am just curious about how well you've aged ;)  Love,
love your music to this day!!
Joey: Well, thanks Sharon. There are loads of photos on the web, new and old. I just 
got some new band photos done and will be sending some to the site soon. So, thanks again, 
all the best.
#3. Jason Stewart, St. Catherines, Ontario - Hi Joey! I've only recently discovered the
amazing music of Badfinger. I was just wondering if back in the day Apple Records ever
tried to exploit your slight resemblance to a certain Beatle (I'm sure you got told that
all the time!).
Joey: Hi Jason. I don't believe Apple made an issue of it, probably thought I was copying 
him or something.  People have always said I resemble him.  Ah, well…glad you like the 
music.  Cheers. 
#4. Mark Byrne, Derby, Derbyshire UK - Hiya Joe. Have you ever seen the TV series ‘Boys
From The Blackstuff' by Alan Bleasdale?  Thanks, Joey for your great songs over the years.
Joey:  Hi Mark. Yeah, I saw it years ago. Must've been when it first came out on the 
telly…powerful stuff. Have you seen the German film from 1964, about the beat groups 
in Liverpool?  The images are fantastic and one of the bands they film is The Masterminds 
- a band I joined later that same year.  I’m made up you like some of my songs, and am 
coming over next summer to Mathew street festival, I think!  Cheers.
#5. Brian Gold, London UK - Hi Joey. I've been a big fan of yours for years. I've always
wondered in your song 'sweet Tuesday Morning' what does “the breaking of the souvenir”
actually mean?  Keep Rockin' man, we love ya!!! Cheers, Brian
Joey:  Hi Brian. Souvenirs are meant to hold and inspire memories for us.  Some things 
are better forgotten. Who's to say which. I meant something to do with that.  Best…
#6. Jeffrey Folk, Reading PA - Hi Joey. So sorry to hear about the passing of your wife…
read about it only a couple of days ago. I'm a big fan of you & badfinger since 1972.
Great songs!  Will you ever play in Reading, PA?  Wish you well.
Joey: Hi Jeffrey. I'm not sure if we'll be playing Reading, but we will be back in PA 
some time, but who ever knows where we will be until we get there. Cheers, and thanks!
#7. Eric Dee, Apple Valley, CA - Hello Mr. Molland:  My name is Eric Dee and am a big
fan of your music. I currently have many original Badfinger LP's in my collection and
I'll tell you what…they have been hard to find. Sad story for a band that deserved so
much more credit. I am going to shoot from the hip now, Mr.Molland. I have an un-opened
original "Ass" L.P. still in the cellophane, and I'm curious if you would open it and
autograph it?  I will be willing to pay all shipping and include a sharpie.  If not,
I completely understand. Thank you so much for this opportunity to email you. Thank you
for your time.
Joey:  Hi Eric. Of course I'll sign your LP. But I'd rather you open the wrap near where 
you want me to sign the cover.  Just send it to Paul at the website and he'll make sure 
I get it…and be sure to include a return address. Cheers!
(Note from Paul “The Admin”:  Eric, please send me an email at to 
make the arrangements!)
#8. George O’Hara, Newington CT – Joey! I saw you at the Big E fair in West Springfield, MA
last Tuesday. Loved the Beatle encore! As I told you then, you still sound great and it is
always a thrill to see you do a show. I have seen you at least 7 times since 1988 (Mike G was
even there once). Your 3 solo albums stand up well along side your Badfinger material.
"Angels Like Us", "Oh Yeah", "Dreams of Thunder" are all great as are "I Got You", "Because
I Love You", and "Sweet Tuesday Morning".  Ah, such great songs and so many more! God bless
Kathie for being so supportive of you for so many years. She is greatly missed, I am sure.
I just love the song "Andy Norris" which I saw you perform back in 1988. The writing credits
say ‘Joey and Kathie’. Did you write that with your wife, and where did the title come from?
Thanks for all the great music!
Joey:  Kath and I wrote that song at Clearwell Castle. I've got the lyric sheet somewhere! 
It was named after the tape op (operator) at Olympic Studios, Andy Morris.  I love 
that "…savin all my money…" bit.  All the best!  
#9. Jim Goodwin, Cheshire, CT - Hi Joey, I don't have a question, I just wanted to say it was
an honor to meet you at the Big E last Wednesday and hear you play. I am still in awe that I
got to meet you. It brought me back in time and I'm still feeling it three days later!
I will treasure your poster and hope to meet you again someday and to especially hear you
play and sing. I couldn't believe I knew every word of every song you sang.  Good luck
in your future. I'll be following you as best as I can. Your fan and friend forever, Jim.
Joey: Cheers Jim, thanks for the kind words. I had a great time at the Big E, lots of nice 
people such as yourself stopped by the merchandise tent and chatted.  MMMMMM…baked potatoes 
and butter.  See you there again in the future.

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