Nov 25th – “Ask Joey” Questions from October/November ANSWERED!

UPDATED:  November 24th, 2012 
Here are Joey’s answers to the latest batch of questions from Badfinger fans all over 
the world, including Brazil & England.  This month he talks about songwriting, the new CD 
and even an experience with Rod Stewart!  These are from the months of October & November 
through the day before Thanksgiving.  ~PD/admin
#1. Ken Nicholas, Huntsville AL *AND* Randy Groff from Pennsylvania - just re-watched the
VH1 documentary - a riveting and emotionally gripping saga which saddens me. I learned from
Googling each band member, Mike Gibbens had passed away since the documentary, as well as
your wife of many years who, like you, provided many insights.  Please accept my sympathies.
I would like to thank you for keeping the wonderful Badfinger songs alive. They are among my
favorite songs from my high school years. I was deeply moved by those that hit the airwaves
in the US, a number of which I bought on 45 RPM records.

One question that came to mind is: was there a reconciliation of the bad business situation
with Stan Polley and any others?  Were those responsible for the bad business dealing held
accountable for their actions?

Joey:  Hi Ken and Randy.  There was (reconciliation), and since 1985 the band members or their 
estates have all received royalties according to an agreement signed that year.  Polley was 
paid a small amount in return for his release of any claim he may have against future Badfinger 
royalties.  He lived the rest of his life out in the Palm Springs area. I don't know anything 
more about him.  Thanks for your kind words.  Best to you…
#2. Tommy Langford, Bettendorf IA - Joey, When will your new record be out for sale?  I am
looking forward to new Joey Music! Thanks, Tommy

Joey: It’s due out in February 2013.  I recently made the arrangements with the record 
label/distribution company.  Hope you like it!

#3. Alan Stratton, Frodstram, UK – Did you live on Borrowdale Road, off Smithdown?  Best Wishes, Alan.

Joey:  Hi Alan.  No, Langdale Road, Number 38.  It’s flats now. I went inside last time

I was there.  It was cool but weird.  One of the Merseybeats lives up the street! Anyway,

thanks for writing. I’ll be back in Liverpool next summer.  Looking forward to it, Cheers.


#4. Paul from East Metro, MN – Hi Joey. I saw you recently at the Dakota with Phil of the Rembrandts.

I was sitting next to the stage with a friend of mine. I thought the concert was really fun and relaxed, like a

jam session really. So, I was interested to know if you have any future dates coming up for the Dakota.

Thanks, Paula


Joey:  Hi Paula.  Thanks for going to the Dakota show. Those Driftbender shows are pretty

loose affairs. We have a rough idea but the live mind is a fascinating thing so…we are

planning more as best we can.  Maybe even next month at Famous Dave’s house in

Minneapolis.  All the best to you.


#5. William Lopez, Brasilia, Brazil – Hello Joey, what year was recorded the song “Love Can’t Hide”?

Is there a story with it?  Thanks.


Joey:  Hi William.  I believe in ’77-‘78, Joe Tansin wrote the bridge, and then we demo’d it. 

Years later I tweaked it bit and made another demo of it.  That’s what’s on the AIRWAVES

CD release.  I always loved the idea, don’t know if I really got it all.  Cheers.

#6. Vince Tasciotti, Pleasant Valley NY – I always wondered if we will ever see a box set of Badfinger

material. Some rarities and the better demos would be fun.  Live tracks, and of course the hits as well.


Joey:  Hi Vince, good question that.  I don’t know…sometimes it seems like a good idea. 

I‘m certainly not against it and I don’t think any of the band family would object, so, it’s

really up to the powers that be, if something remarkable happens.  It may awaken the

giants and mountains might be moved.  In the meantime, I’m collecting tapes and pictures

and posters.  I just met a reporter from New England who traveled with our band and had

photos and interviews we’d never seen or heard before!  I’d love to hear Tommy’s demos. 

All the best.


#7.  Bob Finn, Houston TX – Hey Joey, I recently got the complete Ass CD.  Your song “I Can Love You”

just blew me away!  Stuck in my head for weeks!  How did that song come about?


Joey:  Hi Bob.  The songs come…from where I do not know.  But, I do know some songs like

that one, come from an entire experience as opposed to unique happenings.  I tried to get

Rod Stewart to record it!  But he wouldn’t because Badfinger already had it out.  Cheers.

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