Mon March 12th – “Ask Joey” Questions from Nov/Dec

UPDATED:  March 12th – Since mid-November, Joey has been quite busy with producer Carl “Blue” Wise in Memphis laying down the final tracks to his new album to be released later this year.  To add, there were some shows in Detroit, Wisconsin, and his adopted home state of Minneapolis.   He was also in the studio quite a bit with his old friend, Tim Schools….recording  & producing Tim’s latest batch of songs.   So this past week, he had some down time to answer the “Ask Joey” website questions backlogged from Nov/Dec.  Here are THE FIRST HALF of his responses, and I will post the second half later this week.  Then in April, we will catch up completely with Joey’s answers for the Jan/Feb/March questions.  We thank you for your patience!  ~PD/admin

#1 – Matt Higley, Salt Lake City. UT:  Joey, do you remember when your band played at a park outside in Salt Lake City?  A friend of mine (Cal), helped your band out going to different pawn shops looking at things.  Before you played, Cal introduced you to me and I told you I saw you with the original Badfinger in 1974/1975.  Sorry about your wife’s passing. I remember you talking fondly about her.

Hi Matt.  I remember being in Salt Lake City, long ago it seems.  Was it your pal who gave me the jacket with the suede on the elbows?  We’d been busted for pot in Louisiana, and the cops had all our clothes and equipment down there,vso we were hitting goodwill stores and pawnshops trying to get stuff to complete the tour.  I was proud that we made all the dates and paid all the wages and commissions, and got everyone home with their money.  Cheers.

#2 – Derek Thibeault, Nashua NH:   There has been a misconception through the years that you were a “villain” in the whole Badfinger history and that this was Pete and Tom’s band. To me, realizing that you wrote 50% of the band’s songs – and that a lot are very good – I look at that misconception and believe it’s BS.  What other misconception about you that has been out there is just not true?  Also, “Wish You Were Here” is a brilliant album.  Your compositions are great.  Are there any videos of Badfinger doing these songs live?  Thanks.

There were some vicious, ugly things put about by people who weren’t there.   I guess they had their reasons.  To this day Peter’s daughter will not speak to me and my wife Kathie was virtually destroyed by these rumors.  It’s funny how people will believe the worst so easily, even when the evidence says otherwise.  I’m happy to say, I very rarely hear anything from them nowadays and am trying hard to forgive them.  I’m glad you like the music, we were quite serious about it at the time.  All the Best…

#3 – Rena Dehler, Saint Paul MN:  Greetings Joey!  My question is about the Mike Gibbins song, “My Heart Goes Out”.  I’m intrigued by the instruments used in it.  Is there a mandolin being played, or just acoustic guitars?  Are both you and Pete playing the instruments?  Thank you, and I enjoyed your panel discussion recently at the MN Historical Society.

I believe we used 2 acoustic guitars…both 6 string,  We put an echo on one and I finger-picked it.  Pete played the flat pick part that was the main guitar (I think).  No mando as I recall, either.  Cheers.

#4 – Joyce Wemer, Oxford PA:  Will you have any more tour dates in the East Coast area, Joey? Any others around the March date in Sellersville, PA?

That weekend we’ll be in Long Island on Fri the30th & Edgewood, MD on Sat the 31st.  Working on more all the time.   Just keep checking the website every now & then when we add dates.  All The Best…

#5 – Kevin Joseph, Santa Monica CA:  What did you do for Christmas [2011] and what do you want for a present?

I spent Xmas 2011 at home with my 2 sons, Joe and Shaun.  We cooked a nice beef roast, visited the Doyle’s, and the Wiggins’( our in-laws) and opened gifts.  It was all very nice, thanks!  What I want is what every man wants…a woman!  Cheers and Merry Xmas 2012…

#6 – James Angely, Summerville SC:   Good morning, Joey.  Do you have any plans in the near future to write an autobiography?  I, being a Badfinger fan, would be very interested in reading it.  By the way – I read lots of biographies and autobiographies about my favorite people – mostly people in music and auto racing like Eric Clapton and Sir Jackie Stewart. I hope to add an autobiography of yours to my collection someday.  Merry Christmas!

Hi James.  There is a biography out right now, called “Badfinger and Beyond” by Mike Cimino.  Copies are available here on this website.  Just click on the STORE button.   I would like to, and probably will, write an autobiography somewhere down the line.  In the meantime,  it’s que sera,sera.  Cheers…

#7 – Keith Graybill, Indianapolis IN:  I just saw a documentary on Badfinger with interviews with you and Mike Gibbons. It just got me thinkin’ about you fellas and all the BS you went through in the 70’s and 80’s.  I hope all the legal crap is over and you guys are able to live somewhat compensated for all the great music you created with Pete and Tom.  In the interviews you mentioned living in Ohio and Mike in Detroit.  One of the first records I ever purchased was “No Matter What” (I think 1970, when I was 8 yrs old).  Your band and the Beatles are my favorite bands of all time. I guess my questions are:  Are you still writing?  Is there any chance you will ever be performing anywhere near Indianapolis?  It is a blessing to even have the opportunity to contact you.  God Bless you and I do hope to hear from you.

Hi Keith.  Well, we finally got the BS flushed and now the estates and myself all receive our royalties as we should.  I’m still writing, perhaps getting ideas for songs would be more accurate.  I’ve just recorded a new set for release next fall and hope you like it.  We never can say if we’ll be ‘round your area until we get booked there.  As I said above we will come if we’re asked.   Thanks and best to you…

#8 – Ralph Campisi, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia:  Hi Joey.  Just like to thank you and the band for producing some great motivating music.  I know it motivated me.  Do you know if a film will be made about the band and their experiences?  Did the band play in Australia back in the ’70’s?

Hi Ralph.  We never made it there in the 70s, but I did a short tour back in 2009.  Really enjoyed myself… what a great country, particularly liked Perth and Adelaide.  People talk to me about making films on the band but they never seem to get it done, so I tend to not think about it.  Cheers. 

#9 – Tom Harrison, Choctaw, OK:  Are you planning to come to Central Oklahoma?  We’d love to have you here!

Tom, we don’t have any gigs planned there right now, but will come if asked.  Talk to your local music promoters, theatres or casinos.  Cheers.

#10 –  Maxwell Moss, Hartwell GA:  Hey Joey, I’m a huge Badfinger fan and I just got your new book.  Do you believe that the new book describes the importance of your role in Badfinger the way that Pete Ham, Tommy Evans, and Mike Gibbons would have described it?  Thanks.

I’m not really sure how they would describe my contribution.  I like to think we all did our best, is all.

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