Mon July 23 – Ask Joey questions…Answered! Part 2

UPDATED: JULY 23rd, 2012

Here are Joey’s answers to the SECOND HALF of questions you’ve asked, that were from the month of June and up to July 4th. Thanks for your never-ending support for Joey and the “original” Badfinger legacy. ~PD/admin


#7 – Bryan Adkins, San Diego CA – I have “After The Pearl” on vinyl. Any chance of it being released on CD?

Joey: It has never been released on CD, working on the license right now. Thanks for asking…Cheers.

#8 – Gary Ferguson, Munford KY – I just want to say ‘thank you’ for all the great music, and I hope there are many more to come.

Joey: Thanks a lot, Gary. I hope so too, ha ha…all the best.

#9 – Kevin Bianchi, (city unknown) – Do you ever do session work?

Joey: Hi Kevin. Yes I do.

#10 – Daniel Brault, St-Cesaire, Quebec – I’m a “die hard” Badfinger fan and to me, the band is the most underated one in the history of rock. You never got the recognition you deserved not only for the wonderful music you gave us but also for the emotion delivered through the music. It’s so sad that we lost a wonderful human being like Pete (not that I diminished Tom’s loss at all). I know you’ve been blamed at times for continuing under Badfinger’s name but to me by doing that, you help keep the Badfinger spirit alive. I never saw Badfinger live at their peak but I will do everything I can to attend one of your concert at West Springfield in September. Hope I’ll have the chance to meet you in person and shake your hand. Keep on going, Joey.

Joey: Hi Daniel. Thanks man, I’ll definitely see you in Springfield if you make it down. Cheers.

#11 – John Infascelli, Raynham, MA – Hi Joey, I read that you prefer to sign autographs in person. Would you sign a guitar? Is there a guitar that you can or cannot sign? I ask because I will be seeing you on Aug 4,2012 @ Heritage Days in Scituate, MA USA. I read a past question to you and you said to add an email address and Paul your Webmaster will help coordinate it. I have several autographed guitars and wanted to add yours to my collection. You will see me there. I will be the 51 year old acting like a little kid in a candy store with a Les Paul type guitar – a nice sunburst! Most likely I will be the only one with a guitar there as usual, so I will stand out! Thanks, John.

Joey: Hi John. Yeah, I’ll sign your guitar! See you there. Cheers.

#12 – Georgina Best, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK – Hi, Joey. Is it possible to buy the “Best of Badfinger” with the original band members on CD. I have read reviews of recent CD’s and they all seem to be other artists
singing the tracks. Thanks.

Joey: Hi Georgina. I believe you can still get the ‘best of’ album. I don’t know about the cover versions of the songs with different singers and stuff…sorry. All the best.

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