Mar 31st – “Ask Joey” Questions from JANUARY….Answered!

UPDATED:  March 31st, 2013
Here are Joey’s answers to the latest batch of questions from Badfinger fans all over
the world, including one remembering his wife, Kathie (who passed away this month just 
a few years ago)...another regarding AFTER THE interview request from a 
notable writer from Scotland and TWO from (ironically) Spokane, Washington USA. 
The second of which (scroll down to #14), Joey answers about the “Night of the ASCAP 
Award”, of which so many Badfinger fans are aware.

These are all questions from the month of January. February’s answers will be posted 
soon.  Sorry for the delay in posting these answers, but Joey was on the road...and on 
the Atlantic Ocean during the Beatles Tribute Cruise!...for most of February & March!  

#1. Jerry Berardi, Eau Claire WI - Hi Joey! Thanks for keeping the Badfinger songs alive. 
They remind me so much of my junior high school and high school days. I have all of them 
on CD's. Have you ever given thought to trying to resurrect a couple songs from "Wish You 
Were Here" and have them released as singles? Those songs are timeless. Man, you guys were 
screwed by the powers that be when you were in your prime. Your music was fantastic, and 
you guys should have been superstars. My hope for you is that you can somehow get back what 
should have been yours (and the rest of Badfinger's). Your talent demands it. My best and
prayers be with you!
JOEY:  Hi Jerry.  Thanks for your kind words.  I've never thought about re-cutting some of 
those songs. That album in particular was written at the studio in Colorado, and the songs 
are in tune with the scene we had at the time.  We did get screwed but were able to survive 
and carry on.  All the Best, Joey

#2. Jim Considine, Baltimore MD - Joey, forty years ago next month (2/3/1973), Badfinger 
played at a school in Towson, Maryland named Calvert Hall College.  One problem arose, and 
that was WE were/are a high school (using ‘college’ as its Latin definition prescribes).  
The band was none too happy about this.  However, the concert was terrific. Do you have any 
recollection of this gig?
JOEY: Hi Jim.  I don't really remember the gig, but funnily enough I recently met someone 
who was at that gig and had the poster which I signed for him!  We played a lot of high 
schools when we first came over.  Glad you enjoyed the show.  Cheers, Joey
#3. John Cross, Spokane WA - Hello Joey.  Just watched "Strange Fruit" DVD and have been 
a big Beatles and Badfinger fan since the 60's. Great seeing and hearing your interviews.  
Who has made the greatest impression on you and your music during your career?  Also - 
what piece of advice would you give someone wanting to write and record today?
JOEY:  Hi John. I guess the biggest influences on me were the players - George, Eric, 
and Chuck.  The writers - Chuck, John and Paul and Bob. The performers - Elvis, Little 
Richard, The Beatles and The Who.  My advice is go ahead and do it…no matter how bad it 
turns out.  Your Mam and Dad will love it!  Cheers, Joey

#4. Gail Sams, Youngstown OH - Wondered what you are up musically these days.  So sorry 
about the loss of your lovely wife.
JOEY:  Hi Gail, thanks for your kind words. We all miss Kathie terribly and no less as time 
passes. I am very busy with a new CD and video documentary to be released later this year.  
Touring and producing other artist’s CD’s.  I'm also working & performing some acoustic 
storyteller shows this summer, which are kinda fun.  Thanks again, Joey
#5. Carl Belknap (No city) USA - I saw you perform about 40 years ago, when Billy Joel 
opened for Badfinger & more recently a couple of times at Hippiefest.  Just wished your 
set had been longer. My wife & I will be in Liverpool UK this August. What dates will 
you be performing & where? Thanks.
JOEY:  Hi Carl, 40 years…boy that sounds a long time. In Liverpool this year, I'll be 
doing a spot in the "My Sweet George" show at the Liverpool Philharmonic, and a “Joey 
Molland” show at the Cavern Club on the 26th August.  Cheers, Joey

#6.  Marilyn Johnson, Sacramento CA - Hi Joey.  I recently discovered that the handwritten 
lyrics I have (taken from Apple Studio in early 1970) are yours. I would like to return 
them to you. Please advise how I can get them to you.
JOEY:  Hi Marilyn.  Wow, there's a surprise!  Please send an email to my webmaster, Paul 
at and he will give you an address to which you can send the lyrics 
to me.  Thank you so much for getting in touch.  Please include your address, as I would 
like to send you something in return, as a token of thanks.  Cheers, Joey

#7. Carol Czapik, Pittsburgh PA - No question, just a "Thank You" for really fantastic 
music that has been enjoyed over the generations.  I am 54 years old and nothing can 
compare to the tunes from the 70's.  You have remained one of my favorite bands since my 
childhood. I wish you well and good health! Thanks again and God Bless!
JOEY:  Hi Carol.  Thanks very much, glad you've enjoyed some of the stuff.  Good news for 
you - I will be in Pittsburgh on June 27th for an acoustic storyteller show at the 
Hard Rock Café! Perhaps I'll see you there.  All The Best, Joey
#8. Chris Darling, Portland ME - Hey Joey!  This is Chris from WMPG the guy who interviewed 
you and Tim Schools.  What is the word on the new album you worked on with Tim?  Is it out 
on the Badfinger label now?  I talked to Tim recently and he said you were going to run 
with it! Cool news. 
JOEY: Hi Chris.  I am planning on releasing Tim's CD on Badfinger Records, which will be 
available through the Badfinger website in the very near future.  Wish us luck.  Thanks, Joey

#9.  Kasey Martin (No city) USA - Which member of Badfinger had the craziest female fans?
JOEY:  Weird question Kasey!  Who knows?  If I had to answer, I'd have to say Pete.  
He was the most famous one, so I would think he had the most fans and with that…
the most weird fans.  Cheers, Joey

#10.  Daniel Phillips, Vinennes IN - Long Time Fan...met you a couple times at Chicago's 
Beatles Convention. I love (your album) "Ass".  A question I've had for years upon years... 
on “Airwaves”, what was the inspiration behind "The Dreamer".  It has always been a favorite
of mine.  Really I don't have a non-fave Badfinger LP come to think of it…but the songs 
on “Ass” are just tremendous!
JOEY: Hi Daniel, the song was inspired by Pete's experiences and the reactions to them.  
I guess he was a solitary man, surrounded by people who loved him, but unable to take 
their help or counsel. Thanks for your kind words about the music.  All the Best, Joey

#11.  Kirk Lindsay, St. Louis MO – When are you coming to St. Louis?
JOEY:  Hi Kirk.  I'll be there in a couple of hours. (Just joking! LOL)  I don't know really, 
whenever we get booked there I guess. Cheers, Joey
<**NOTE TO READERS:  If you have a venue in your area that had acts like Badfinger or 
solo members of famous bands from the 60’s & 70’s who perform acoustic or ‘unplugged’ s
hows (such as Roger McGuinn of The Byrds, John Sebastian of The Lovin’ Spoonful, or 
Dave Mason from Traffic, etc.) drop the webmaster a line at or a 
PRIVATE MESSAGE at and Joey will look into it!

#12. Carlo Sibilia, Islip NY – Was wondering if “After The Pearl” will ever be released 
on CD?  Thanks
JOEY:  Hi Carlo.  I've been trying to get a license to release it, but the people who 
actually own it aren't in the biz, so I don't know when we'll be able to do it legally. 
Cheers, Joey

#13.  Graeme Thomson, Edinburgh, Scotland - Hello, I am a UK-based music writer for the 
Guardian, Uncut, Telegraph, MOJO etc. and the author of several music books. I’m currently 
writing a book about the music of one of my all time favourite musicians, George Harrison, 
and would love to talk to (you), Joey about (your) experiences working with him. Might it 
be possible to arrange an interview on the phone sometime in the near future?  I look 
forward to hearing from you. Best wishes.
JOEY:  Hi Graeme.  I'll be over in Liverpool this August and could talk in person then.  
I'll email you further with some questions and contact info.  Good luck with the project.  
Best, Joey

#14,  Jim Cronin, Spokane WA - Joey...saw you here in Spokane in the 90's (Bob at 4000 Holes 
got you here). Show was great.  You signed my CD - thanks! Question/Thought here:  With all 
the litigation/nonsense over the years, isn't the "crux of the matter" the fact that you 
wrote, sang, and were as integral a part of Badfinger as anyone?  Put another way, just 
because "royalties from certain songs" paid more than other songs, it (in my view) was not 
fair you suffered any financial inequities, when your writing & creative contributions to 
Badfinger were so huge.  I realize "legal stuff is legal stuff", but in had 
every right to gain equal royalties and hold up ANY award as much as any of the other 
original band members...alive or not.  Just the big picture as I see it.  Rock on, Joey 
and thanks for the great songs…especially the ‘deep cuts’ that should have been more 
JOEY:  Hi Jim.  There hasn't been that much legal wrangling in the Badfinger world really.  
Just a couple of disputes that had to be sorted out and they are now done with.  Have been 
for years.  “Who gets what” is done with.  There will always be the ones who think they 
know better…the mind readers and soothsayers and everyone guesses right some of the times…
all in all it isn't too bad.


I was proud that the song was so popular is all. What a great thing.  Hey, I want to tell 
you that Tommy, Mike and Pete would really love that the songs and records we made have 
lasted so long and the band still receives such support from music fans the world over.  
Thanks for your kind words.  All the best to you, Joey

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