Jan 15th – “Ask Joey” Questions from December & Early January….ANSWERED!

UPDATED:  January 15th, 2013
HAPPY NEW YEAR!   Here are Joey’s answers to the latest batch of questions from Badfinger 
fans all over the world, from Slovenia to Springfield...Phil-a-delph-ia PA to Liverpool UK!  
This month, Joey answers questions about Pete Ham’s gear & songwriting, Chuck Berry, a new 
live project in the works with buddies from BEATLEMANIA, the Carnegie Hall concert, and he 
even offers up some guitar lessons, too!  
These are from the entire month of December through January 5, 2013.  ~PD/admin
#1.  Alec Mackovsek in Lasko, Slovenia – I bought a beat up Hiwatt amplifier and the seller
said it was used by Badfinger! I checked some old videos and I can spot it in there. (Alec
sent a link w/pictures). Do you recognize it? Iit seems that the master volume knob has been
changed later, though.)  Does the 'P' stand for Pete Ham?  Thanks!

JOEY:  Hi Ales.  I couldn't make out the link to see it, but we did use Hiwatt and yes! 
“P” would be Pete's head.  I don't know anything about the knob being changed.  If it is 
Pete's it's probably worth a few bob! Cheers, Joey.
#2.  Ronald Rice, Springfield IL - The song "I'll Be The One" has been one of my favorites
ever since I bought the first re-issue of "No Dice."  Seriously, I consider this one the
all-time greatest pop masterpieces by ANYBODY! I honestly find it better than any song
done by that other big act on the Apple label. My question to you is how in the world did
it collect dust in the vaults for 20+ years? I know there was a bunch of goofy stuff going
on with Apple at the time, but I'm thinking it could have been released as a stand-alone
single, at the very least. Any insight would be greatly appreciated, and thanks for making
yourself available to Badfinger fans! Best wishes, Ron

JOEY:  Hi Ron, Wow - well Tommy and Pete were trying to come up with a new single for the 
band and had been working on this idea. I don't know which of them had it originally.  
Anyway, they came to me with the verse, melody and some lyrics…the “I'll Be The One” idea 
popped in my head and we finished it quickly. This all happened at 7 Park Ave, in 1971-ish.  
Cheers, Joey
#3. Rick Jackson, Abington MA -  Hey joey, I saw you live with Mike and two other guys at
Meagan’s place in Scituate, Massachusetts.  It was in 1989.  A friend of mine and I sat out
back with you talking about Badfinger and the Beatles, had some drinks, got yours and Mike’s
autograph (which I treasure).  Will you be coming to the Wilbur Theatre in Boston Mass at
all?  Also, how come you don’t record and album with Eric Carmen, Paul McCartney or Roger
McGuinn?  I love the song “Love Is Gonna Come At Last”.  God Bless & Peace

JOEY:  Hi Rick.  I just played in Scituate last summer at the street fest, had a great time.  
We'll probably be back in the area this year and I hope to see you there.  The reason I don't 
do those things are the same as why you don't.  All The Best, Joey
#4.  Jeffrey Steckler, Suffern NY - Hi Joey. Back in 1972 I did a radio commercial for a
Badfinger album. I believe it was "Straight up". I was only 4 years old when I made it. My
father Allan worked with Badfinger. I have been looking for a copy of this recording for
years. I recall saying "I am not going home to watch Sesame Street, but I am going home to
listen to my new Badfinger record." Does that sound familiar to you? Where could I find that
recording? I have been on several websites, but no luck.

JOEY: Dear Jeffrey,I remember your father very well!  We had more contact with him than anyone 
else at Apple, NYC. And he, during our Carnegie Hall concert, presented us with our gold record 
for ‘Day After Day’!  I do have a vague recollection of your ad but don't know where you could 
find a copy.  Perhaps someone on the site here could help.  Best of Luck, Joey
#5.  Mark Melfi, Philadelphia PA - Hi, Joey. I've always been curious how "Meanwhile, Back
at the Ranch/Should I Smoke" came to be, as it's the only song credited to Ham/Molland. Was
it always meant to be one song, or was it two fragments joined together?

JOEY:  Hi Mark, it was two separate ideas.  Chris Thomas put them together at Caribou.  I think 
he saw the songs needing each other and both kind of asked the same question.  Cheers, Joey
#6.  Jason Kopytkp, Winnipeg Canada - Just purchased on iTunes “No Dice” and “Straight Up”.
Both great albums. Just curious as to who's the lady on the front cover of “No Dice”?

JOEY: Hi Jason.  She was a London model hired and dressed by Gene Mahon and Richard DiLello 
at Apple records.  Never did find out her name.  All The Best, Joey
#7.  Lauren Neumeier, St. Louis MO - Hey Joey! My dad sent you a Chuck Berry autograph a
long time ago before I was born. I was wondering if you still have it. I’m also a big fan
of all of your music. My dad taught me how to play “No Matter What” on guitar recently and
as a 14 year old, I was wondering if you believe that your music has inspired teenagers to
pick up a instrument and stick with it. Because you have inspired me a lot! Thanks a bunch.
JOEY:  Hi Lauren.  I do still have it! And I believe he sent a pick too…love it!  Chuck's my 
hero songwriter.  I've had a lot of people tell me those records are important to them in one 
way or another so yes I do believe we helped inspire some teenagers to pick up a guitar, or 
other instrument.  Cheers, Joey
#8.  Mike Jones, Liverpool UK - I read that you covered Jimmy Campbell's (my favourite solo
artist) 'Half Baked' for a Jimmy Campbell tribute album.  Do you know where can I find this
album?  (I liked you in The Masterminds, by the way!
JOEY:  Hi Mike. I did record 2 songs for the album, but I don't know if it came out or if 
they used my versions.  I loved Jimmy, too - always got on great with him.  Very real man.  
I used to kinda know a Mike Jones, I think he was with The Hideaways?  I'll be over this 
summer for the Beatle thingy in August…looking forward to it.  Cheers, Joey
#9. Kenny Platt, Galloway NJ -  Joey, I cannot find the chords to "No More" anyplace and
cannot figure them out myself.  Would you briefly list the chords for the first verse and
chorus? That would be great!

JOEY: Hi Kenny.  It's in E.  The verse is sung against the E major with alternate 
flatted 5th and major 3rd.  Chorus is over the A major/B major.  The bridge is: 
C# minor, G# minor, A major.  The solo is over E,A,E - D,A.  Hope this helps.  
Good Luck, Joey
#10.  Dave Douglass, Williamsport PA - Is Apple Records or Warner going to re-master the two
LP’s “Wish You Were Here” or “Badfinger”?

JOEY:  Hi Dave, I'm really not sure what they’re planning.  If anything, they did re-master 
those quite a few years ago I believe, for ‘official’ CD releases. Cheers, Joey
#11.  Kevin “J”, Southern California - While I am disappointed your one show in Southern
California this past summer was cancelled, I wonder what your plans are for lucky ‘13?

JOEY:  Hi Kevin, I was disappointed myself not to get out to California last year.  
There is some interest in my doing some “acoustic storyteller” shows this year. I also plan 
on promoting my new CD elease with shows around the country, plus we'll be doing the normal 
schedule of concerts with the touring Badfinger band.  Looking at doing some shows with 
Mitch Weisman and Les Fradkin (original BEATLEMANIA cast members) starting in March. 
The Beatle fan cruise should be fun in early March, too. Fixing to get busy it seems.  
Cheers, Joey
#12. Nicole from Philadelphia PA - Hi Joey, I got into Badfinger a few years ago and I have 
read about Pete and Tommy and Mike’s deaths. May they rest in peace. Thank you for keeping 
the Badfinger name and music alive. I hope to attend one of the shows soon. I have heard 
your guitar playing on various songs and it is good. My question to you is, have you ever, 
or thought about providing music lessons to aspiring guitarists?
JOEY: Hi Nicole. I'm going to do some guitar lessons on the Beatle Cruise in March 2013, 
just going to try it out, I think of my lessons as pointers really, because I'm not schooled 
in theory and rely more on my ear and experience than anything else. Happy New Year, Joey

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