Fri Sept 23rd – “Ask Joey” Questions…Answered!

UPDATED:  SEPTEMBER 23nd (by Paul ‘The Admin’)
Joey has been keeping busy the past month by spending some time in Memphis, Tennessee!   He did some recording at a friend’s studio, be-bopped around town to see the sights, jammed with some really cool local musicians who have some serious industry cred, and even guest hosted on XM/Sirius Radio’s ELVIS Channel, that was broadcast from Graceland! 

A nice variety of questions have come in within the last month, via the “Ask Joey” feature on the website….and here they are:

1.  Dear Joey, This is your biggest fan. I saw an old video, in which you and the rest of Badfinger had to introduce yourselves. When the host got to you, you said your name was “Stoned.” It gave me a great laugh. But I wondered, why did you say your name was “Stoned?” Were you stoned or something?

Your biggest fan of all time ~ Shawn Monge (14), Rotterdam NY

Hi, Shawn.  (I have a son named, Shaun, too!) I never was stoned filming a TV show but it was the seventies and I’d be lying if I said I never inhaled…it did get a good laugh on the show though, and that was the idea.

2.  Like many Badfinger fans, I loved Natural Gas.  I felt this was an excellent record and band. Mark Clarke is an excellent Bass player. Will you be doing anything with Mark in the future? Maybe a NEW Natural Gas Record? I do love all your solo records!  ~ Tommy Langford, Bettendorf IA

Thanks man.  Mark, Jerry and I are in touch and who knows, we are still good friends but we live all over the place.  Mark is a very busy guy playing all over the world and Jerry is retired and living in Cornwall, England.  It would be a blast to play/jam again.

3.  One of my favorite songs is “I Can Love You”. Do you remember the sessions and how long it took to record? ~ Tim Mintell, Canandaigua NY

I do – it took about 3 hours to do it.  Todd arranged it, Pete played the synth notes, I did the solo guitar.  For some reason we couldn’t get the harmonies right in the chorus, so we left them out.

4.  Legend has it that the group asked to change something in the arrangement of “Come & Get It” but Paul McCartney was strongly against straying from his demo version. What would Badfinger have changed and do you think you still should have?  ~ Michael Ray, Fargo ND

I wasn’t there so I don’t know, they never said anything to me about it other than Paul was very insistent that they do it just like his demo.  Have you heard all the different versions of them doing it?  There are about 20 takes!

5a. Hey Joey!!  I last saw you in Hamilton, Canada in 2006…Paul Davie was nice enough to send you a copy of the show I taped also of that night.  Thanks for signing my No Dice sleeve, also. Now the question…I was wondering if you plan on coming back to Canada anytime soon?? Maybe somewhere in the Ottawa or Montreal area or even Toronto!  ~ Mike R., Ottawa, Ontario

5b. Hi, Joey.  My name is Tina and my friend Steve from ‘KISS Army’ and I have seen you a few times at BB Kings in New York City.  We were wondering if you are either coming to New York, Las Vegas or California area anytime soon.  We would love to see you again and any information on your tour dates would be great. Take care and hope to see you soon. ~ Tina Stein, Rochester NY

I’ve just signed the band to a new agent and we’re hoping to get back out there doing a lot of BFR concerts over the next few years.

6.  Hi, Joey.  I heard your interview with Jim Sykes on Elvis Radio. I really enjoyed learning more about you and Badfinger. Growing up in the seventies listening to AM radio your music was always around. What was your most memorable moment in your music career? Also are you a Minnesota Vikings fan? ~ Nick Stantzos, Morganville NJ

I don’t really have one most memorable moment, I have been fortunate to have had many of them.  Hearing Elvis’ “Blue Suede Shoes”…starting in Liverpool as a boy and meeting and seeing some of the stars who came to the city…meeting and playing with George and John…touring the world.  I like the Vikes, but I’m a Steelers fan from way back!

7.  Joey, upon checking the Original Badfinger Store webpage, I’m left wondering why the 2001 release of ‘This Way Up’ is available, yet the newer remastered version of 2007 re-titled ‘This Must Be Love’ is not.  I’m sure most fans already have the original release yet there is so little promotion of the latter. Is it still available? ~ Paul Lochhead, Surrey, British Columbia

Hello Paul.  There has never been a real reissue of “This Way Up”…remastered or not!  We did remaster it and a few copies were made.   I’ll look into it and see if we can find the master disc. Kathie used to deal with that stuff and since her passing I’ve not really done much with it.  Perhaps it’s time…thanks for asking!  Cheers.

8. I saw Badfinger in the 70’s, and Pete was playing into a guitar synthesizer on a stand. They were pretty rare back then – What brand was it, and how did Badfinger get one? Did you get to play it on any records? ~ Michael Krinsky, Rock Island IL

Thanks, I’d forgotten all about that effect! It was horrible, really noisy. Pete used it live but I don’t believe we ever used it in the studio. He used it for an octivider mainly and wah-wah sometimes. I believe you can hear it on the live CD I produced from the 1974 Agora show. It was called a Mutron guitar effects unit. Hope this answers your question, all the best…

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