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Mon Dec 2nd – Official Release Date for Joey Molland’s “Return To Memphis” CD

Badfinger Legend Joey Molland To Release Highly Anticipated New Solo Album ‘Return To Memphis’
London, UK – Much to the excitement of music fans worldwide, Joey Molland, best known for his work with the now legendary English band Badfinger, will be releasing his highly anticipated 4th solo album ‘Return To Memphis’ on December 2, 2013 on UK’s Gonzo Multimedia! The new CD features 10 new Molland compositions recorded at the world famous ‘Royal Studios’ in Memphis.
Says Joey, “I was raised on a diet of Memphis music, and it was a thrill for me to record there…. I also made a lot of friends.”
Signed to the Beatles’ Apple label in the late ’60s, Badfinger would go on to score four consecutive worldwide hits from 1970 to 1972: “Come And Get It” (written and produced by Paul McCartney), “No Matter What”, “Day After Day” and “Baby Blue”. In 1971, a cover of the Badfinger song “Without You” by Harry Nilsson became a number one hit on the Billboard charts. Surviving member Joey Molland has continued to keep the Badfinger flame alight through concerts and recordings over the past 30 years. And now he is back with a fantastic new album ‘Return To Memphis’, which was produced by Carl ‘Blue’ Wise.
Says Joey, “The album is quite a departure for me and the sound is very different, the treatment of the songs, the song content, and Carl’s production and Memphis roots all make for a much simpler approach. I wrote all the songs and they have a lot of meaning to me…I know everybody gets their own feelings out of songs, but you know, I think the songs talk about relevant things and I look forward to peoples’ reaction to them. There are no real Badfinger power chords or anything like that. No real jamming guitars…well…maybe a little bit, and I do play some slide on it… Carl had four girls come in to sing ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ and harmonies which was great, and I played with a three-piece Memphis rhythm section. So it’s a really simple sounding record and I’m just hoping that people will like it.”
Originally from Liverpool, Joey now resides in the US, where he continues to perform with Joey Molland’s Badfinger. Along with Joey on guitar and vocals, the current lineup features Mark Healey (bass/vocals), Steve Wozny (keyboards/vocals), Mike Ricciardi (drums). For updated tour information check Joey Molland’s official Facebook page at
Joey’s new CD comes hot on the heels of the major buzz surrounding the Badfinger track “Baby Blue” being played during the finale of A&E’s hit TV series ‘Breaking Bad’. The song became the number one download in the world the week of the final episode!
For more information:
Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158,
Joey Molland is available for interviews – contact Billy James at Glass Onyon PR

Mon. December 2nd – Joey Molland’s ‘RETURN TO MEMPHIS’ CD World Release Date

Hot off the heels of the “Breaking Bad / Baby Blue” phenomenon….the wait is finally over and excitement continues!

RETURN TO MEMPHIS, Joey Molland’s first album since 2001’s “This Way Up” will be released on December 2nd through Gonzo Media USA, a division of Gonzo Multimedia Group UK.  Pre-orders are currently being accepted at

(**Just so you are aware, CD orders placed with Gonzo are not pre-signed/autographed by Joey.  We will have those available soon….keep checking back. ~PD/admin)

RTM CD Cover









This album was recorded at the legendary Royal Studios in Memphis, and produced by Stax Records veteran Carl “Blue” Wise, of Blue Boy Records fame.  Having been in every facet of the music industry since the Stax glory days, Carl has had the good fortune of working with some of the all-time greats in the music industry:  Willie Mitchell, Eddie Floyd, Sir Mack Rice, Rufus Thomas, Bruce Springsteen, Steven Van Zant, The Bar-Kays, and many more.

It’s official: Breaking Bad Executive Producer Vince Gilligan is a Badfinger fan!

Here is Rolling Stone magazine’s interview with Breaking Bad’s music supervisor, Thomas Golubic’ about Vince Gilligan’s vision of having Badfinger’s “Baby Blue” be the final song in the final scene of the series finale, to accompany the death of Walter White (Bryan Cranston).


The “Baby Blue Breaking Bad-finger Felina Phenomenon” Continues!

The response from the media AND the public with the inclusion of “Baby Blue” in the final scene AMC’s Breaking Bad series finale has been a postively overwhelming experience!

Downloads & streams of Baby Blue (and subsequently, Badfinger’s ‘other’ hits “Day After Day” & “No Matter What” have skyrocketed between 5000 and 9000 PERCENT…depending on which source you read. This has not been seen in the modern day music industry since the season finale of The Sopranos on HBO in 2007, and the producer’s use of Journey’s anthem – “Don’t Stop Believing”.

Here is what we found online in the last 24 hours:




Sun Sept 29th – Breaking Bad selects Badfinger’s Baby Blue as the finale song!

In an unprecedented (and unexpected!) fashion, AMC’s Breaking Bad producer Vince Gilligan selected Badfinger’s classic December 1971 single release, “Baby Blue” as the series finale’s ‘swan song’.  The song reached a height of #14 in the US charts in 1972.  In contrast, Journey’s original release of “Don’t Stop Believin” made it to #9 in 1981, but reached reached similar pop culture noteriety when it was used in the final scene of HBO’s legendary series, The Sopranos in 2007.

Social media trending went through the roof within minutes of the show’s broadcast, including Facebook and Twitter postings while the made-for-TV edited guitar licks of Baby Blue’s ending were playing over the show’s production credits.

Immediately, Breaking Bad’s younger-skewing fans were swarming to YouTube to find versions of Baby Blue, and posted thousands of Walter White/Blue Meth-related comments on the various video pages.

Badfinger experienced a similar resurgence with the original studio release of Baby Blue in 2005, when the song was placed at a pivotal plot point within the Oscar-winning film, The Departed.

Here are some of the on-line articles about the momentous occasion in Badfinger’s place in popular TV culture:

Wikipedia (also updated immediately):

Rolling Stone:

Entertainment Weekly:


Hollywood Reporter:




Access Hollywood:

ShowBiz 411:




USA Today:

TOKYO JAPAN! Joey Molland’s Badfinger

Exciting news indeed.  Joey and the boys head to Tokyo, Japan for two shows on Sun Sept 22nd & Mon Sept 23rd.   Here is the link for the promoter, so you can budget your yen:

Badfinger Tokyo poster

Mar 31st – “Ask Joey” Questions from JANUARY….Answered!

UPDATED:  March 31st, 2013
Here are Joey’s answers to the latest batch of questions from Badfinger fans all over
the world, including one remembering his wife, Kathie (who passed away this month just 
a few years ago)...another regarding AFTER THE interview request from a 
notable writer from Scotland and TWO from (ironically) Spokane, Washington USA. 
The second of which (scroll down to #14), Joey answers about the “Night of the ASCAP 
Award”, of which so many Badfinger fans are aware.

These are all questions from the month of January. February’s answers will be posted 
soon.  Sorry for the delay in posting these answers, but Joey was on the road...and on 
the Atlantic Ocean during the Beatles Tribute Cruise!...for most of February & March!  

#1. Jerry Berardi, Eau Claire WI - Hi Joey! Thanks for keeping the Badfinger songs alive. 
They remind me so much of my junior high school and high school days. I have all of them 
on CD's. Have you ever given thought to trying to resurrect a couple songs from "Wish You 
Were Here" and have them released as singles? Those songs are timeless. Man, you guys were 
screwed by the powers that be when you were in your prime. Your music was fantastic, and 
you guys should have been superstars. My hope for you is that you can somehow get back what 
should have been yours (and the rest of Badfinger's). Your talent demands it. My best and
prayers be with you!
JOEY:  Hi Jerry.  Thanks for your kind words.  I've never thought about re-cutting some of 
those songs. That album in particular was written at the studio in Colorado, and the songs 
are in tune with the scene we had at the time.  We did get screwed but were able to survive 
and carry on.  All the Best, Joey

#2. Jim Considine, Baltimore MD - Joey, forty years ago next month (2/3/1973), Badfinger 
played at a school in Towson, Maryland named Calvert Hall College.  One problem arose, and 
that was WE were/are a high school (using ‘college’ as its Latin definition prescribes).  
The band was none too happy about this.  However, the concert was terrific. Do you have any 
recollection of this gig?
JOEY: Hi Jim.  I don't really remember the gig, but funnily enough I recently met someone 
who was at that gig and had the poster which I signed for him!  We played a lot of high 
schools when we first came over.  Glad you enjoyed the show.  Cheers, Joey
#3. John Cross, Spokane WA - Hello Joey.  Just watched "Strange Fruit" DVD and have been 
a big Beatles and Badfinger fan since the 60's. Great seeing and hearing your interviews.  
Who has made the greatest impression on you and your music during your career?  Also - 
what piece of advice would you give someone wanting to write and record today?
JOEY:  Hi John. I guess the biggest influences on me were the players - George, Eric, 
and Chuck.  The writers - Chuck, John and Paul and Bob. The performers - Elvis, Little 
Richard, The Beatles and The Who.  My advice is go ahead and do it…no matter how bad it 
turns out.  Your Mam and Dad will love it!  Cheers, Joey

#4. Gail Sams, Youngstown OH - Wondered what you are up musically these days.  So sorry 
about the loss of your lovely wife.
JOEY:  Hi Gail, thanks for your kind words. We all miss Kathie terribly and no less as time 
passes. I am very busy with a new CD and video documentary to be released later this year.  
Touring and producing other artist’s CD’s.  I'm also working & performing some acoustic 
storyteller shows this summer, which are kinda fun.  Thanks again, Joey
#5. Carl Belknap (No city) USA - I saw you perform about 40 years ago, when Billy Joel 
opened for Badfinger & more recently a couple of times at Hippiefest.  Just wished your 
set had been longer. My wife & I will be in Liverpool UK this August. What dates will 
you be performing & where? Thanks.
JOEY:  Hi Carl, 40 years…boy that sounds a long time. In Liverpool this year, I'll be 
doing a spot in the "My Sweet George" show at the Liverpool Philharmonic, and a “Joey 
Molland” show at the Cavern Club on the 26th August.  Cheers, Joey

#6.  Marilyn Johnson, Sacramento CA - Hi Joey.  I recently discovered that the handwritten 
lyrics I have (taken from Apple Studio in early 1970) are yours. I would like to return 
them to you. Please advise how I can get them to you.
JOEY:  Hi Marilyn.  Wow, there's a surprise!  Please send an email to my webmaster, Paul 
at and he will give you an address to which you can send the lyrics 
to me.  Thank you so much for getting in touch.  Please include your address, as I would 
like to send you something in return, as a token of thanks.  Cheers, Joey

#7. Carol Czapik, Pittsburgh PA - No question, just a "Thank You" for really fantastic 
music that has been enjoyed over the generations.  I am 54 years old and nothing can 
compare to the tunes from the 70's.  You have remained one of my favorite bands since my 
childhood. I wish you well and good health! Thanks again and God Bless!
JOEY:  Hi Carol.  Thanks very much, glad you've enjoyed some of the stuff.  Good news for 
you - I will be in Pittsburgh on June 27th for an acoustic storyteller show at the 
Hard Rock Café! Perhaps I'll see you there.  All The Best, Joey
#8. Chris Darling, Portland ME - Hey Joey!  This is Chris from WMPG the guy who interviewed 
you and Tim Schools.  What is the word on the new album you worked on with Tim?  Is it out 
on the Badfinger label now?  I talked to Tim recently and he said you were going to run 
with it! Cool news. 
JOEY: Hi Chris.  I am planning on releasing Tim's CD on Badfinger Records, which will be 
available through the Badfinger website in the very near future.  Wish us luck.  Thanks, Joey

#9.  Kasey Martin (No city) USA - Which member of Badfinger had the craziest female fans?
JOEY:  Weird question Kasey!  Who knows?  If I had to answer, I'd have to say Pete.  
He was the most famous one, so I would think he had the most fans and with that…
the most weird fans.  Cheers, Joey

#10.  Daniel Phillips, Vinennes IN - Long Time Fan...met you a couple times at Chicago's 
Beatles Convention. I love (your album) "Ass".  A question I've had for years upon years... 
on “Airwaves”, what was the inspiration behind "The Dreamer".  It has always been a favorite
of mine.  Really I don't have a non-fave Badfinger LP come to think of it…but the songs 
on “Ass” are just tremendous!
JOEY: Hi Daniel, the song was inspired by Pete's experiences and the reactions to them.  
I guess he was a solitary man, surrounded by people who loved him, but unable to take 
their help or counsel. Thanks for your kind words about the music.  All the Best, Joey

#11.  Kirk Lindsay, St. Louis MO – When are you coming to St. Louis?
JOEY:  Hi Kirk.  I'll be there in a couple of hours. (Just joking! LOL)  I don't know really, 
whenever we get booked there I guess. Cheers, Joey
<**NOTE TO READERS:  If you have a venue in your area that had acts like Badfinger or 
solo members of famous bands from the 60’s & 70’s who perform acoustic or ‘unplugged’ s
hows (such as Roger McGuinn of The Byrds, John Sebastian of The Lovin’ Spoonful, or 
Dave Mason from Traffic, etc.) drop the webmaster a line at or a 
PRIVATE MESSAGE at and Joey will look into it!

#12. Carlo Sibilia, Islip NY – Was wondering if “After The Pearl” will ever be released 
on CD?  Thanks
JOEY:  Hi Carlo.  I've been trying to get a license to release it, but the people who 
actually own it aren't in the biz, so I don't know when we'll be able to do it legally. 
Cheers, Joey

#13.  Graeme Thomson, Edinburgh, Scotland - Hello, I am a UK-based music writer for the 
Guardian, Uncut, Telegraph, MOJO etc. and the author of several music books. I’m currently 
writing a book about the music of one of my all time favourite musicians, George Harrison, 
and would love to talk to (you), Joey about (your) experiences working with him. Might it 
be possible to arrange an interview on the phone sometime in the near future?  I look 
forward to hearing from you. Best wishes.
JOEY:  Hi Graeme.  I'll be over in Liverpool this August and could talk in person then.  
I'll email you further with some questions and contact info.  Good luck with the project.  
Best, Joey

#14,  Jim Cronin, Spokane WA - Joey...saw you here in Spokane in the 90's (Bob at 4000 Holes 
got you here). Show was great.  You signed my CD - thanks! Question/Thought here:  With all 
the litigation/nonsense over the years, isn't the "crux of the matter" the fact that you 
wrote, sang, and were as integral a part of Badfinger as anyone?  Put another way, just 
because "royalties from certain songs" paid more than other songs, it (in my view) was not 
fair you suffered any financial inequities, when your writing & creative contributions to 
Badfinger were so huge.  I realize "legal stuff is legal stuff", but in had 
every right to gain equal royalties and hold up ANY award as much as any of the other 
original band members...alive or not.  Just the big picture as I see it.  Rock on, Joey 
and thanks for the great songs…especially the ‘deep cuts’ that should have been more 
JOEY:  Hi Jim.  There hasn't been that much legal wrangling in the Badfinger world really.  
Just a couple of disputes that had to be sorted out and they are now done with.  Have been 
for years.  “Who gets what” is done with.  There will always be the ones who think they 
know better…the mind readers and soothsayers and everyone guesses right some of the times…
all in all it isn't too bad.


I was proud that the song was so popular is all. What a great thing.  Hey, I want to tell 
you that Tommy, Mike and Pete would really love that the songs and records we made have 
lasted so long and the band still receives such support from music fans the world over.  
Thanks for your kind words.  All the best to you, Joey

Jan 15th – “Ask Joey” Questions from December & Early January….ANSWERED!

UPDATED:  January 15th, 2013
HAPPY NEW YEAR!   Here are Joey’s answers to the latest batch of questions from Badfinger 
fans all over the world, from Slovenia to Springfield...Phil-a-delph-ia PA to Liverpool UK!  
This month, Joey answers questions about Pete Ham’s gear & songwriting, Chuck Berry, a new 
live project in the works with buddies from BEATLEMANIA, the Carnegie Hall concert, and he 
even offers up some guitar lessons, too!  
These are from the entire month of December through January 5, 2013.  ~PD/admin
#1.  Alec Mackovsek in Lasko, Slovenia – I bought a beat up Hiwatt amplifier and the seller
said it was used by Badfinger! I checked some old videos and I can spot it in there. (Alec
sent a link w/pictures). Do you recognize it? Iit seems that the master volume knob has been
changed later, though.)  Does the 'P' stand for Pete Ham?  Thanks!

JOEY:  Hi Ales.  I couldn't make out the link to see it, but we did use Hiwatt and yes! 
“P” would be Pete's head.  I don't know anything about the knob being changed.  If it is 
Pete's it's probably worth a few bob! Cheers, Joey.
#2.  Ronald Rice, Springfield IL - The song "I'll Be The One" has been one of my favorites
ever since I bought the first re-issue of "No Dice."  Seriously, I consider this one the
all-time greatest pop masterpieces by ANYBODY! I honestly find it better than any song
done by that other big act on the Apple label. My question to you is how in the world did
it collect dust in the vaults for 20+ years? I know there was a bunch of goofy stuff going
on with Apple at the time, but I'm thinking it could have been released as a stand-alone
single, at the very least. Any insight would be greatly appreciated, and thanks for making
yourself available to Badfinger fans! Best wishes, Ron

JOEY:  Hi Ron, Wow - well Tommy and Pete were trying to come up with a new single for the 
band and had been working on this idea. I don't know which of them had it originally.  
Anyway, they came to me with the verse, melody and some lyrics…the “I'll Be The One” idea 
popped in my head and we finished it quickly. This all happened at 7 Park Ave, in 1971-ish.  
Cheers, Joey
#3. Rick Jackson, Abington MA -  Hey joey, I saw you live with Mike and two other guys at
Meagan’s place in Scituate, Massachusetts.  It was in 1989.  A friend of mine and I sat out
back with you talking about Badfinger and the Beatles, had some drinks, got yours and Mike’s
autograph (which I treasure).  Will you be coming to the Wilbur Theatre in Boston Mass at
all?  Also, how come you don’t record and album with Eric Carmen, Paul McCartney or Roger
McGuinn?  I love the song “Love Is Gonna Come At Last”.  God Bless & Peace

JOEY:  Hi Rick.  I just played in Scituate last summer at the street fest, had a great time.  
We'll probably be back in the area this year and I hope to see you there.  The reason I don't 
do those things are the same as why you don't.  All The Best, Joey
#4.  Jeffrey Steckler, Suffern NY - Hi Joey. Back in 1972 I did a radio commercial for a
Badfinger album. I believe it was "Straight up". I was only 4 years old when I made it. My
father Allan worked with Badfinger. I have been looking for a copy of this recording for
years. I recall saying "I am not going home to watch Sesame Street, but I am going home to
listen to my new Badfinger record." Does that sound familiar to you? Where could I find that
recording? I have been on several websites, but no luck.

JOEY: Dear Jeffrey,I remember your father very well!  We had more contact with him than anyone 
else at Apple, NYC. And he, during our Carnegie Hall concert, presented us with our gold record 
for ‘Day After Day’!  I do have a vague recollection of your ad but don't know where you could 
find a copy.  Perhaps someone on the site here could help.  Best of Luck, Joey
#5.  Mark Melfi, Philadelphia PA - Hi, Joey. I've always been curious how "Meanwhile, Back
at the Ranch/Should I Smoke" came to be, as it's the only song credited to Ham/Molland. Was
it always meant to be one song, or was it two fragments joined together?

JOEY:  Hi Mark, it was two separate ideas.  Chris Thomas put them together at Caribou.  I think 
he saw the songs needing each other and both kind of asked the same question.  Cheers, Joey
#6.  Jason Kopytkp, Winnipeg Canada - Just purchased on iTunes “No Dice” and “Straight Up”.
Both great albums. Just curious as to who's the lady on the front cover of “No Dice”?

JOEY: Hi Jason.  She was a London model hired and dressed by Gene Mahon and Richard DiLello 
at Apple records.  Never did find out her name.  All The Best, Joey
#7.  Lauren Neumeier, St. Louis MO - Hey Joey! My dad sent you a Chuck Berry autograph a
long time ago before I was born. I was wondering if you still have it. I’m also a big fan
of all of your music. My dad taught me how to play “No Matter What” on guitar recently and
as a 14 year old, I was wondering if you believe that your music has inspired teenagers to
pick up a instrument and stick with it. Because you have inspired me a lot! Thanks a bunch.
JOEY:  Hi Lauren.  I do still have it! And I believe he sent a pick too…love it!  Chuck's my 
hero songwriter.  I've had a lot of people tell me those records are important to them in one 
way or another so yes I do believe we helped inspire some teenagers to pick up a guitar, or 
other instrument.  Cheers, Joey
#8.  Mike Jones, Liverpool UK - I read that you covered Jimmy Campbell's (my favourite solo
artist) 'Half Baked' for a Jimmy Campbell tribute album.  Do you know where can I find this
album?  (I liked you in The Masterminds, by the way!
JOEY:  Hi Mike. I did record 2 songs for the album, but I don't know if it came out or if 
they used my versions.  I loved Jimmy, too - always got on great with him.  Very real man.  
I used to kinda know a Mike Jones, I think he was with The Hideaways?  I'll be over this 
summer for the Beatle thingy in August…looking forward to it.  Cheers, Joey
#9. Kenny Platt, Galloway NJ -  Joey, I cannot find the chords to "No More" anyplace and
cannot figure them out myself.  Would you briefly list the chords for the first verse and
chorus? That would be great!

JOEY: Hi Kenny.  It's in E.  The verse is sung against the E major with alternate 
flatted 5th and major 3rd.  Chorus is over the A major/B major.  The bridge is: 
C# minor, G# minor, A major.  The solo is over E,A,E - D,A.  Hope this helps.  
Good Luck, Joey
#10.  Dave Douglass, Williamsport PA - Is Apple Records or Warner going to re-master the two
LP’s “Wish You Were Here” or “Badfinger”?

JOEY:  Hi Dave, I'm really not sure what they’re planning.  If anything, they did re-master 
those quite a few years ago I believe, for ‘official’ CD releases. Cheers, Joey
#11.  Kevin “J”, Southern California - While I am disappointed your one show in Southern
California this past summer was cancelled, I wonder what your plans are for lucky ‘13?

JOEY:  Hi Kevin, I was disappointed myself not to get out to California last year.  
There is some interest in my doing some “acoustic storyteller” shows this year. I also plan 
on promoting my new CD elease with shows around the country, plus we'll be doing the normal 
schedule of concerts with the touring Badfinger band.  Looking at doing some shows with 
Mitch Weisman and Les Fradkin (original BEATLEMANIA cast members) starting in March. 
The Beatle fan cruise should be fun in early March, too. Fixing to get busy it seems.  
Cheers, Joey
#12. Nicole from Philadelphia PA - Hi Joey, I got into Badfinger a few years ago and I have 
read about Pete and Tommy and Mike’s deaths. May they rest in peace. Thank you for keeping 
the Badfinger name and music alive. I hope to attend one of the shows soon. I have heard 
your guitar playing on various songs and it is good. My question to you is, have you ever, 
or thought about providing music lessons to aspiring guitarists?
JOEY: Hi Nicole. I'm going to do some guitar lessons on the Beatle Cruise in March 2013, 
just going to try it out, I think of my lessons as pointers really, because I'm not schooled 
in theory and rely more on my ear and experience than anything else. Happy New Year, Joey

Nov 25th – “Ask Joey” Questions from October/November ANSWERED!

UPDATED:  November 24th, 2012 
Here are Joey’s answers to the latest batch of questions from Badfinger fans all over 
the world, including Brazil & England.  This month he talks about songwriting, the new CD 
and even an experience with Rod Stewart!  These are from the months of October & November 
through the day before Thanksgiving.  ~PD/admin
#1. Ken Nicholas, Huntsville AL *AND* Randy Groff from Pennsylvania - just re-watched the
VH1 documentary - a riveting and emotionally gripping saga which saddens me. I learned from
Googling each band member, Mike Gibbens had passed away since the documentary, as well as
your wife of many years who, like you, provided many insights.  Please accept my sympathies.
I would like to thank you for keeping the wonderful Badfinger songs alive. They are among my
favorite songs from my high school years. I was deeply moved by those that hit the airwaves
in the US, a number of which I bought on 45 RPM records.

One question that came to mind is: was there a reconciliation of the bad business situation
with Stan Polley and any others?  Were those responsible for the bad business dealing held
accountable for their actions?

Joey:  Hi Ken and Randy.  There was (reconciliation), and since 1985 the band members or their 
estates have all received royalties according to an agreement signed that year.  Polley was 
paid a small amount in return for his release of any claim he may have against future Badfinger 
royalties.  He lived the rest of his life out in the Palm Springs area. I don't know anything 
more about him.  Thanks for your kind words.  Best to you…
#2. Tommy Langford, Bettendorf IA - Joey, When will your new record be out for sale?  I am
looking forward to new Joey Music! Thanks, Tommy

Joey: It’s due out in February 2013.  I recently made the arrangements with the record 
label/distribution company.  Hope you like it!

#3. Alan Stratton, Frodstram, UK – Did you live on Borrowdale Road, off Smithdown?  Best Wishes, Alan.

Joey:  Hi Alan.  No, Langdale Road, Number 38.  It’s flats now. I went inside last time

I was there.  It was cool but weird.  One of the Merseybeats lives up the street! Anyway,

thanks for writing. I’ll be back in Liverpool next summer.  Looking forward to it, Cheers.


#4. Paul from East Metro, MN – Hi Joey. I saw you recently at the Dakota with Phil of the Rembrandts.

I was sitting next to the stage with a friend of mine. I thought the concert was really fun and relaxed, like a

jam session really. So, I was interested to know if you have any future dates coming up for the Dakota.

Thanks, Paula


Joey:  Hi Paula.  Thanks for going to the Dakota show. Those Driftbender shows are pretty

loose affairs. We have a rough idea but the live mind is a fascinating thing so…we are

planning more as best we can.  Maybe even next month at Famous Dave’s house in

Minneapolis.  All the best to you.


#5. William Lopez, Brasilia, Brazil – Hello Joey, what year was recorded the song “Love Can’t Hide”?

Is there a story with it?  Thanks.


Joey:  Hi William.  I believe in ’77-‘78, Joe Tansin wrote the bridge, and then we demo’d it. 

Years later I tweaked it bit and made another demo of it.  That’s what’s on the AIRWAVES

CD release.  I always loved the idea, don’t know if I really got it all.  Cheers.

#6. Vince Tasciotti, Pleasant Valley NY – I always wondered if we will ever see a box set of Badfinger

material. Some rarities and the better demos would be fun.  Live tracks, and of course the hits as well.


Joey:  Hi Vince, good question that.  I don’t know…sometimes it seems like a good idea. 

I‘m certainly not against it and I don’t think any of the band family would object, so, it’s

really up to the powers that be, if something remarkable happens.  It may awaken the

giants and mountains might be moved.  In the meantime, I’m collecting tapes and pictures

and posters.  I just met a reporter from New England who traveled with our band and had

photos and interviews we’d never seen or heard before!  I’d love to hear Tommy’s demos. 

All the best.


#7.  Bob Finn, Houston TX – Hey Joey, I recently got the complete Ass CD.  Your song “I Can Love You”

just blew me away!  Stuck in my head for weeks!  How did that song come about?


Joey:  Hi Bob.  The songs come…from where I do not know.  But, I do know some songs like

that one, come from an entire experience as opposed to unique happenings.  I tried to get

Rod Stewart to record it!  But he wouldn’t because Badfinger already had it out.  Cheers.

Nov 5th – “Ask Joey” questions from Aug/Sept – ANSWERED!

UPDATED:  November 5th, 2012
Here are Joey’s answers to the latest batch of questions from Badfinger fans all over the 
worlds These are from the months of August & September.  October questions will hopefully 
be published in early December. ~PD/admin
#1. William H, Woodland Hills, CA - Is it true that you are doing a new CD produced by
Mark Hudson? If so, when does it hit the streets?
Joey:  Hi William. I was going to do a CD with Mark producing, but life got in the way 
and that became a future project.  In the meantime, I went down to Memphis and recorded 
a set of 10 new songs with an all Memphis cast, and it’s to be released shortly.  Hope 
you like it. Cheers.
#2. Sharon Smart, Kernersville, NC - I would like to see recent photos of you. You were
always so hot in your videos. I am just curious about how well you've aged ;)  Love,
love your music to this day!!
Joey: Well, thanks Sharon. There are loads of photos on the web, new and old. I just 
got some new band photos done and will be sending some to the site soon. So, thanks again, 
all the best.
#3. Jason Stewart, St. Catherines, Ontario - Hi Joey! I've only recently discovered the
amazing music of Badfinger. I was just wondering if back in the day Apple Records ever
tried to exploit your slight resemblance to a certain Beatle (I'm sure you got told that
all the time!).
Joey: Hi Jason. I don't believe Apple made an issue of it, probably thought I was copying 
him or something.  People have always said I resemble him.  Ah, well…glad you like the 
music.  Cheers. 
#4. Mark Byrne, Derby, Derbyshire UK - Hiya Joe. Have you ever seen the TV series ‘Boys
From The Blackstuff' by Alan Bleasdale?  Thanks, Joey for your great songs over the years.
Joey:  Hi Mark. Yeah, I saw it years ago. Must've been when it first came out on the 
telly…powerful stuff. Have you seen the German film from 1964, about the beat groups 
in Liverpool?  The images are fantastic and one of the bands they film is The Masterminds 
- a band I joined later that same year.  I’m made up you like some of my songs, and am 
coming over next summer to Mathew street festival, I think!  Cheers.
#5. Brian Gold, London UK - Hi Joey. I've been a big fan of yours for years. I've always
wondered in your song 'sweet Tuesday Morning' what does “the breaking of the souvenir”
actually mean?  Keep Rockin' man, we love ya!!! Cheers, Brian
Joey:  Hi Brian. Souvenirs are meant to hold and inspire memories for us.  Some things 
are better forgotten. Who's to say which. I meant something to do with that.  Best…
#6. Jeffrey Folk, Reading PA - Hi Joey. So sorry to hear about the passing of your wife…
read about it only a couple of days ago. I'm a big fan of you & badfinger since 1972.
Great songs!  Will you ever play in Reading, PA?  Wish you well.
Joey: Hi Jeffrey. I'm not sure if we'll be playing Reading, but we will be back in PA 
some time, but who ever knows where we will be until we get there. Cheers, and thanks!
#7. Eric Dee, Apple Valley, CA - Hello Mr. Molland:  My name is Eric Dee and am a big
fan of your music. I currently have many original Badfinger LP's in my collection and
I'll tell you what…they have been hard to find. Sad story for a band that deserved so
much more credit. I am going to shoot from the hip now, Mr.Molland. I have an un-opened
original "Ass" L.P. still in the cellophane, and I'm curious if you would open it and
autograph it?  I will be willing to pay all shipping and include a sharpie.  If not,
I completely understand. Thank you so much for this opportunity to email you. Thank you
for your time.
Joey:  Hi Eric. Of course I'll sign your LP. But I'd rather you open the wrap near where 
you want me to sign the cover.  Just send it to Paul at the website and he'll make sure 
I get it…and be sure to include a return address. Cheers!
(Note from Paul “The Admin”:  Eric, please send me an email at to 
make the arrangements!)
#8. George O’Hara, Newington CT – Joey! I saw you at the Big E fair in West Springfield, MA
last Tuesday. Loved the Beatle encore! As I told you then, you still sound great and it is
always a thrill to see you do a show. I have seen you at least 7 times since 1988 (Mike G was
even there once). Your 3 solo albums stand up well along side your Badfinger material.
"Angels Like Us", "Oh Yeah", "Dreams of Thunder" are all great as are "I Got You", "Because
I Love You", and "Sweet Tuesday Morning".  Ah, such great songs and so many more! God bless
Kathie for being so supportive of you for so many years. She is greatly missed, I am sure.
I just love the song "Andy Norris" which I saw you perform back in 1988. The writing credits
say ‘Joey and Kathie’. Did you write that with your wife, and where did the title come from?
Thanks for all the great music!
Joey:  Kath and I wrote that song at Clearwell Castle. I've got the lyric sheet somewhere! 
It was named after the tape op (operator) at Olympic Studios, Andy Morris.  I love 
that "…savin all my money…" bit.  All the best!  
#9. Jim Goodwin, Cheshire, CT - Hi Joey, I don't have a question, I just wanted to say it was
an honor to meet you at the Big E last Wednesday and hear you play. I am still in awe that I
got to meet you. It brought me back in time and I'm still feeling it three days later!
I will treasure your poster and hope to meet you again someday and to especially hear you
play and sing. I couldn't believe I knew every word of every song you sang.  Good luck
in your future. I'll be following you as best as I can. Your fan and friend forever, Jim.
Joey: Cheers Jim, thanks for the kind words. I had a great time at the Big E, lots of nice 
people such as yourself stopped by the merchandise tent and chatted.  MMMMMM…baked potatoes 
and butter.  See you there again in the future.