Ringo Starr

Newly “ex” Beatles John & George kept the Badfinger boys busy in 1970-1971 with their projects, and Ringo was no exception either. 

In late 1970, “Ritchie” invited his Apple Records brethren Pete Ham & Tommy Evans in to lend backing vocals to a song he had co-written with George, and had a little help from his friends in the studio, like Klaus Voormann and Stephen Stills (on piano!)   After a lengthy delay in being released, “It Don’t Come Easy” ended up charting high at #4 in March 1971, and helped Ringo maintain his status as the ‘best selling’ Beatle in terms of chart success after the breakup. 

Pete & Tommy are the ones who added the “Hare Krishna” during the guitar solo in the middle of the song…it’s low in the mix, but it IS there.  This reportedly pleased George, who had originally suggested to Ringo during the writing process, that they add the spiritual guru’s name in one of the verses.  Ringo turned that request down, and humorously recanted the situation on VH1’s “Storytellers” show in 2000. 

The entire Badfinger band shared the stage and played acoustics while Ringo played drums at “The Concert For Bangla Desh” at Madison Square Garden, in August 1971.  Pete, Tommy, Mike & Joey got to strum along to Harrison-penned Beatles classics like “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” and “Something”, in addition to all the songs from All Things Must Pass. 

As Joey Molland likes to recall, “It was the best of times!”