Sept 8th – “Ask Joey” questions from July ’12 – answered!

September 8, 2012 – Tonight we post answers to all of the “Ask Joey” questions from the month of July.  Joey had a fairly busy month in August…a few concerts, some recording with friends, working on the final packaging details for his new CD “Return To Memphis”, catching legendary guitarist Albert Lee perform in Minneapolis (where Joey resides year-round) and the usual end-of-summer/Labor Day Weekend ‘family stuff’…he was able to catch up on these questions.  ~PD/admin


1.  James B., Port Townsend WA – Hello Joey.  Do you remember the year Badfinger recorded a track called, “Oh Wow”?

Joey:  Hi James.  “Oh Wow” was recorded at Olympic studios with Chris Thomas producing.  It was one of several new ideas Tommy brought to those sessions.  I think we were working on the first Warner Brothers record so it would have to be late summer 1973, I think.  We did “Love is Easy” at the same time.  Cheers…

2. Bratton McLain, Richmond IN –  Would you be interested in reviewing our original material which was influenced heavily by BADFINGER?  Would love to get your opinion.  Thx Joey, Steve Bratton and Kelly McClain

Joey:  Hi Bratton, I wouldn’t mind giving you my thoughts on your stuff.  Send them to Paul at the website and he’ll forward them on to me, good luck to you.  (**Steve/Kelly – please send mp3’s to and I will be sure to get the files to Joey. ~Paul the admin)

3.  Gary Greene, Sibley IA – Joey, I was wanting to buy some Badfinger tracks off live bbc 72,  Any ideas where to find mp3 tracks?

Joey:  Hi Gary.  I like those BBC tracks myself.  I think they may be available through the BBC websites, but other than that I don’t really know.  Maybe eBay or iTunes.  Good luck finding them.

4.  Nick Oriold, ‘Somewhere in the USA’ – Hey, Joey.  My name is Nick, and I recently got into your group, starting on the radio, then listening to a wider range. I really love the “Straight Up” album, it remains to be one of my favorite all-time albums, because I know every  song by heart!  I was just wondering about any releases of early live shows around 1970- 1974.  I know “Day After Day” was released and I currently own it on CD.  I’m a sucker for early live shows though, so I was just wondering.  Thanks, Nick

Joey:  Hi Nick, there are some audience tapes and radio/tv shows we did in the early days of the band,  Even the Carnegie Hall concert is available.  Most of them are cassette recordings and the sound quality is questionable on a lot of them so it’s good to try and get a sample before you buy.  I can’t help you much more than that.  All The Best…..

5.  Kristen Harrision, Albany NY – Did the bass player for Badfinger ever play in John Lennon’s video for Instant Karma?

Joey:  Hi Kristen, Not that I know of.  Maybe Marianne Evans, Tom’s wife would know for sure.  Cheers….

6.  Robert Rolfsmeyer, Eagle WI –  Dear Joey, I’m 51 years old and have followed Badfinger since I was 12.  That was the day I first heard “Baby Blue” on my pocket AM transistor radio.  I tried for years to  find a copy of Straight Up but with no luck—until one day at Peaches, a local record store I happened upon a crate of sealed brand new imports of the album.  Being a poor high school student, I only purchased one.  I wish I had bought them all.  That album is to this day in a sealed frame hanging in my game room.  Musically, it is my most prized posession.  I would like to know if there is any way that I could meet you in person somewhere to autograph it.  This would truly be something I would treasure for the rest of my life.  I wish I could have met Pete, Tom, and Mike.  I love your music!  God Bless, Bob

Joey:  Hi Bob, great story.  I live in the Minneapolis area and our bass player Mark Healey owns a studio in Durand WI, near Menomonie.  I will be recording a new CD there later in the year and maybe something could be worked out.  Otherwise, if you see us/me advertised for a gig somewhere near you, by all means bring the record and I’ll sign it.  Cheers….I’ve got a few records like that myself!

7.  Theresa Marchisio, Port St. Lucie FL –  Hello Joey, A friend of mine has an excellent voice.  Just thought you might enjoy a few of Winton Fenderson’s videos such as: Day After Day:, No Matter What:   Winton was in a 80’s big hair band that performed with such bands as Blue Oyster Cult and Foghat by the name of  “Hard Attack”.  More recently he was in an All-Star band “The Time Machine” with Mar Stein (Vanilla Fudge), Tony Syevens (Foghat), Billy Livesay (Clarence Cleamons, Temple of Soul), Alto Reed (Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band) and Eddie Zyne (Hall and Oates).  Winton also joined another band called “Live Bullets” replacing Bob Seger in the original Silver Bullet Band which consisted totally of former members or session musicians of the Silver Bullet Band.  Live Bullets is on hold pending Bob Seger’s official retirement.  In the event Badfinger would be interested in Winton or knows someone who would enjoy a talented vocalist please contact Phoenix Entertainment.  Thank you for your time.

Joey:  Well Teresa, your friend seems to be doing great and I’m very happy for him.  I know some of those lads he’s played with – all great musos.  Being a musician is a very competitive world to live in.  It doesn’t feel like it, but it is.  We’ve got our band set right now, and this line up has been together for years so we’re not looking.  But good luck and thanks for your letter.

8.  Kevin Skory, Barrie Ontario CA – Badfinger’s catalogue features so much fantastic lead guitar work (not to mention some of the finest backing vocals I’ve ever heard).  I’ve always wondered if you have one or two favourite songs that showcase your stellar fret work?

Joey:  Hi Kevin, it was great to have those songs and singers to play with.  We worked in our own little worlds, in our own little universe.  Stuff like ‘Baby Blue’, ‘It’s Over’, ‘In The Meantime’…that’s Pete on the backward guitar.  Just the four of us and the producer, the roadies and the wives.  Thanks for your kind words…

9.  Tim Markowski, Houston TX – First, thanks for being part of some of my most favorite music.  I find it incredibly refreshing to know 4 young guys from the UK were able to create music that stands the test of time.  We’re you and the guys ever able to have any success in holding Stan Polley to account for his actions?

Joey:  Cheers Tim.  No, we never really bothered about him after the band broke up.  We stopped the money going to him and that was that.  It took the dust 11 years to settle….

10.  Marcos Milani, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – Hello Joey, there were attempts to re-releases Airwaves and Say No More, with outtakes and demos, like “Sail Away” (guitar version), “The Dreamer”, “Hold On”, “Three Time Loser”, “Because I Love You” and “Rock ‘N’ Roll Contract”.  I am referring sessions produced in mid-1978 (producer John Ryan) and November 1979 (Ian Wallace on drums)?  Is there some legal issue preventing the release of these recordings?

Joey:  Hi Marcos.  I’m not sure why they don’t come out.  It’s like whoever owns the rights has to own ALL the rights.  Like it’s their dinner and nobody else’s.  Oh, and they must receive full credit and all the money.  I can’t even remember who paid for the sessions.   Probably some kind of spec deal with the studio and producer.  It’s complicated and it’s rock’n’roll…..

11. Scott Whittlesey, Hartford CT – I saw Badfinger at an outdoor concert in Hartford in the early 70’s.  I was a big fan and was enjoying the concert until some very rude people up front started badgering the band to play “rock and roll”.  You then played an extended version of “Feelin’ Alright”.  I got the impression that it was just to shut them up. I’m not in a position to apologize for the bad behavior of some of the other audience members, but I wanted you to know that it disgusted me and that Badfinger (and many other acts that were similarly treated) deserved much more respect. I’m glad to see that you are touring, and hope you receive the appreciation that you should have had back then.

Joey:  Hi Scott.  Thanks…what can I say.  I’ve gotten bored and left concerts myself, which is what those guys should have done.  But it wasn’t every night and I’m sure there were a lot of people who enjoyed the show for what it was on that particular day.  We did a good version of “Feelin’ Alright” for one or two tours back then.  We opened up the pot and it was “full of jam”…haha.

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